There are times when a Disney World for couples trip includes having a fancy-ish dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And then there are trips when you want to save as much time as possible for rides, nighttime shows or simply strolling hand-in-hand and appreciating the only-at-WDW ambiance.

Or maybe you just don’t want to be bothered with a schedule on your vacation. We get it.

With our tips, you can turn your evening at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World into a fun date night without worrying about reserving a table and making it there on time.

Plus, by having a progressive dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll hop from place to place at your leisure, eating and drinking the best of what’s offered at each stop.

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Your Progressive Dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The sign for Disney World's Hollywood Studios park.

As promised, this progressive dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios does not require reservations. You may have to use your phone to join a walk-up list, but otherwise, you can take a little break from tech for the time being. (Disconnecting is a must on a Disney World for couples vacation!)

Read our article about what happens if you’re late to a Disney dining reservation

The itinerary we put together makes sense geographically, too. We’re not huge fans of walking back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth) across the park more than necessary.

Before-Dinner Drinks at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

The exterior of the Brown Derby Lounge in Disney World.

Start with wine, cocktails or a flight at The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, which is the outdoor seating area of the regular Brown Derby restaurant.

You don’t make reservations for the lounge. Instead, speak to a cast member at the host stand or join the walk-up list via the My Disney Experience app.

Alternative Option: Tune-In Lounge

If the wait for the Brown Derby Lounge is too long or you want to be inside instead of outside, the Tune-In Lounge isn’t far. This is the lounge that’s connected to 50’s Prime Time Cafe, and they serve exceptionally cute, glowing drinks here.

Head to the BaseLine Tap House for an Appetizer

The exterior of the BaseLine Tap House, a Disney Hollywood Studios quick service spot with drinks and tapas.

Unpopular opinion alert: Mickey pretzels aren’t that good. 😏 We’ve tried them on many a Disney World for couples trip, and we’re never impressed.

If you’re into a Bavarian pretzel as your appetizer for your dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, BaseLine Tap House has one of the best in Disney World.

They also serve a California cheese and charcuterie plate. Live a little and get both to share. 🧀

Ready for another drink? Avoid the cocktails at BaseLine — they’re made with cheap liquor, and you can totally tell. Instead, order from the expansive draught menu, which includes craft beer and hard cider, or have a glass of wine.

How To Order at BaseLine Tap House in Hollywood Studios

BaseLine isn’t like the other quick-service spots in Disney World. Instead of placing a mobile order, you simply get on line and order at the counter. Because the menu is simple, the line moves fast, so don’t be put off if a lot of people are waiting.

Seating here is limited, but there’s space both inside and outside to sit. It’s smart to have one of you look for a table while the other one orders.

Have Dinner at the ABC Commissary

The exterior of the ABC Commissary at Hollywood Studios during a Disney for couples trip.

Since you’re not going to make reservations for this progressive dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you have to choose from the available quick-service locations. Luckily, the ABC Commissary is our favorite quick service in WDW, even when we’re planning a romantic Disney World for couples vacation.

We have a complete review of the ABC Commissary at Hollywood Studios, but here’s a recap of why we like it here so much:

🍴 Art Deco style and toned-down surroundings have a more adult vibe than other WDW quick-service eateries.

🍴 Tons of seating, including a lot of booths. Even when it’s busy, you won’t have a hard time finding a table.

🍴 Cast members clean off the tables frequently — you’re not even supposed to throw out your trash or bring your trays anywhere when you’re done.

🍴 Menu options are on the healthy side, and the food here has always been yummy.

Also, if you’re still in a drinking mood, you can get an alcoholic beverage with your dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Get Dessert Fit for a California Adventure

Pixar Pier in California Adventure on the West Coast serves up the famous Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums, but you don’t have to wait until your next Disneyland trip to have them. Head to the Market at Pixar Plaza to order one and cap off your dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Alternative Option: Coffee and Pastries from The Trolley Car Cafe

The hidden Mickey Disney coffee mug set on Amazon.

In the mood for a Starbucks coffee and a pastry instead? The Trolley Car Cafe is Hollywood Studios’ Starbucks location. One of the dessert favorites from here is the Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie.

We start every day of our Disney World for couples trips with a Starbucks run. Here are the Starbucks locations around WDW.

5+ Add-Ons for an Excellent Hollywood Studios Day (and Night)

1. If you haven’t heard, it rains in Central Florida. A lot. (Read our article with everything you need to know about going to Disney World in the rain.)

Instead of trying to use an umbrella in a crowded park, pack a couple of ponchos. We’ve rounded up the best ones here.

Walt Disney World rain poncho set for adults.

2. Unlike Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers alcoholic beverages outside of sit-down restaurants. Try to stay hydrated between cocktails with these collapsible water bottles, which never leak.

Disney World water bottle.

Can’t get rid of your headache? Pop one of these in your water.

Hydration tablets to drink enough water in Disney World.3. Even if you want to go as tech-free as possible on your Disney World for couples vacation, there will be times when you need your phone close by. I use a lanyard like this one and wear it around my neck or wrist when I know I’ll need to use my phone a lot. You can adjust the holder so it doesn’t block important buttons.

An iPhone lanyard to help make having dinner at Disney's Hollywood Studios during a Disney World for couples trip easier.

4. The weather in Central Florida gets hot, hot, hot, even if you’re traveling during the winter seasons. Plus, Hollywood Studios is a particularly brutal Disney park because it doesn’t have a lot of shade. If the weather report says temperatures will soar, pack a cooling towel in your park backpack. (These are our picks for the best bag to carry at Disney World.)

When you’re ready to use it, wet it thoroughly with cold water and then squeeze it out well. Put it around your neck to cool you down.

A cooling towel for a day at Hollywood Studios.

P.S. Choose a cooling towel that comes with its own bag or bring a baggie so that when you’re done using it, you can store it away without getting everything else in your backpack wet. And here’s where to find the lockers around Walt Disney World in case you want to stash all of your belongings and stay as cool as possible.

5. We love this Beatles-inspired T-shirt featuring Star Wars characters. Wear it into Galaxy’s Edge — it’ll be a hit.

Star Wars T-shirt modeled after Beatles album cover.

It’s also fitting because Walt Disney World is where the Beatles officially came to an end. 😢 True story.

Enjoy Your Progressive Dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

No matter how often you visit WDW, it’s impossible to see and do everything you want during a Disney World for couples trip. Planning a no-reservations-needed progressive dinner is an excellent way to experience a handful of eateries without checking in, waiting for a table, dealing with a slow server, etc. Plus, you can have each part of your meal exactly how you like it.

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time near Hollywood Boulevard for your progressive dinner, also check out our mini-date night ideas in the area.

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