This article goes over the Disney Magic Kingdom Starbucks, as well as the Starbucks locations in the other theme parks and Disney Springs.

One of the best parts of a Disney vacation is trying all the delicious snacks, drinks and meals offered around the theme parks and at the resorts.

But sometimes you just want a taste of home. And unless you’re staying off-property and driving to Disney World each morning, you won’t pass by a Starbucks on your way to the most magical place on earth.

Luckily for you, Disney thought of that.

There are Starbucks locations in each of the four parks — Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom — as well as at Disney Springs.

Disney World Starbucks cup at Connections in Epcot.

We love Joffrey’s as a classic Disney coffee option, but Starbucks is where we often go at home. Getting your favorite order can be the perfect way to kickstart a Disney park day.

(☕️ I get a hot almond milk latte, sometimes with an extra shot if I’m tired. Mike gets iced coffee, black, and something sweet to snack on. What’s your Starbucks order?)

Here’s where to find Starbucks in the Disney theme parks and at Disney Springs.

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Starbucks at Magic Kingdom

The Disney Magic Kingdom Starbucks can be found right on Main Street at the appropriately named Main Street Bakery.

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Sign outside the Main Street Bakery, the Disney Magic Kingdom Starbucks location.

If you’re facing the castle, the Main Street Bakery is on your right side, about halfway down Main Street, U.S.A., after the cul-de-sac.

Disney Magic Kingdom Starbucks location on map.

Starbucks at Epcot

The Starbucks at Epcot can be found in Connections Cafe in World Celebration. It’s in the same building as the Connections Eatery, just on the other side.

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Connections, the Epcot Starbucks location.

After entering Epcot and walking beneath Space Earth (“The Ball”), the Connections Eatery and Cafe are on your left in a large building.

Walt Disney World map with Epcot Starbucks.

Starbucks at Hollywood Studios

The Disney Hollywood Studios Starbucks is called The Trolley Car Cafe.

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The Trolley Car Cafe Starbucks location in Disney Hollywood Studios.

The Trolley Car Cafe is on Hollywood Boulevard, which is the street you walk down after entering Hollywood Studios. Think of it as Hollywood Studios’ Main Street, U.S.A.

Before you get to the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard (which is the street that runs down to Tower of Terror), The Trolley Car Cafe is on your right. If you reach The Hollywood Brown Derby, you’ve gone too far.

Map showing The Trolley Car Cafe Starbucks in Disney Hollywood Studios.

Starbucks at Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom Starbucks is called Creature Comforts — and it’s stunning inside.

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Animal Kingdom Starbucks location.
Source: Disney.go

Creature Comforts is the one Disney theme park Starbucks location that isn’t very close to the park entrance. It’s located on the left side of Discovery Island, which is the part of the park you’ll arrive in first after walking down the main entryway. If you’re looking at the Tree of Life, Creature Comforts is off to the left.

Creature Comforts on map.

Starbucks at Disney Springs

There are two Starbucks locations at Disney Springs, and because they don’t have to blend in with theming like in the parks, they’re simply called by their proper name.

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Three Starbucks cups in a row.
Photo by Kevs on Unsplash

One of the Disney Springs Starbucks locations is in the Marketplace section, right near the World of Disney.

Disney Springs Starbucks location on map.

The other Disney Springs Starbucks location is in the West Side section, near the Aerophile Balloon and not far from Planet Hollywood.

Disney Springs Starbucks location on map.

Disney World Starbucks FAQ

Does Magic Kingdom have a Starbucks?

Yes, Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World has a Starbucks. It’s called Main Street Bakery and it’s located on Main Street, U.S.A.

How many Starbucks are at Magic Kingdom?

Magic Kingdom has one Starbucks location. The name of the Disney Magic Kingdom Starbucks is Main Street Bakery, and it’s located on Main Street, U.S.A.

Is there a Starbucks in every Disney park?

Yes! Each of the four main Disney World theme parks has a Starbucks. That means there’s a Starbucks in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. There are also two Starbucks locations in Disney Springs.

Wrapping Up: Disney Magic Kingdom Starbucks and Beyond

As regular Disney goers, you probably have your favorite snacks and drinks that you look forward to. (Gideon’s, anyone?)

There’s nothing quite like a taste you’re familiar with from home, though — and there’s nothing that tastes quite like Starbucks, either.

⭐️ Bonus: While you won’t be able to use your Starbucks points toward purchases at the Disney World theme park Starbucks locations, you can earn points and then use them at regular Starbucks locations in the future.

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