In this article, we’ll answer the popular question “is Disney Springs free?” and offer other tips for visiting the entertainment and shopping district on your next Disney couples trip.

We’re firm believers that no Disney couples trip is complete without at least one excursion to Disney Springs. At 120 acres, which is larger than Magic Kingdom, it’s sort of the unofficial fifth Disney theme park.

The Disney Springs balloon on a Disney couples trip.

And with oh-so-much to do here, whether you’re in need of Disney or non-Disney shopping therapy, feel like taking in a show, or simply want that WDW feel without paying for a park ticket, it’s good for half a day of laidback magic.

But is Disney Springs free? A Walt Disney World vacation is expensive no matter how budget-conscious you try to be, and the last thing you want to do is spend more money than necessary on your day off from the parks.

We have good news for you! Let’s get into it.

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Is Disney Springs Free? Parking and Entry Costs

A Disney Springs medallion.

There are two parts to the question “is Disney Springs free?” — the price of parking and the price of entry.

When it comes to Disney parks, you have to pay to park (if you’re driving) and to enter, and the costs are separate.

That’s not how it works at Disney Springs, though. At Disney Springs, parking and entry are both free. 🥳 Here’s a little more that you might want to know about parking at and entering Disney Springs.

Is There Free Parking in Disney Springs?

Yes, all of the Disney Springs parking lots are free to park in, regardless of what you’ll be doing at Disney Springs. For example:

✨ If you’re parking at Disney Springs to go shopping, have dinner or see the Cirque du Soleil show, you don’t have to pay.

✨ You also don’t have to pay if you’re parking at Disney Springs to hop on a Disney bus to visit one of the resorts or go to a theme park.

No matter which Disney Springs parking lot you choose, you won’t have to pay to park, ever.

Is Disney Springs Free To Enter?

Yes, Disney Springs is free to enter! There is no ticket required for entry to Disney Springs, and you don’t need to show your ID or get a wristband, either.

What you do have to do is pass through security. There are designated entrances that you have to use to get into Disney Springs, and they all have a security checkpoint.

Here’s everything you need to know about security checks at Walt Disney World.

Is Disney Springs the Same as Downtown Disney?

A mural at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs is not the same as Downtown Disney, though the two entertainment, shopping and dining districts have similarities.

✨ Disney Springs is in Florida, while Downtown Disney is in California. Disney Springs is the Walt Disney World shopping district, while Downtown Disney is the Disneyland Resort shopping district.

✨ Disney Springs is much, much larger than Downtown Disney. Disney Springs has more shops, restaurants and experiences than Downtown Disney. Both districts have Disney-themed shops, including souvenir and fine art stores.

Stitch on the World of Disney shop at Disney Springs.

✨ You don’t have to pay to park at Disney Springs, while you do have to pay (most of the time) to park at Downtown Disney. Alternatively, you can take a Disney bus and avoid parking costs.

✨ There is no cost to enter Disney Springs or Downtown Disney, but you will have to pass through security checkpoints when entering.

Whether you’re in Florida or California, heading to Disney Springs or Downtown Disney is a fun, adult-oriented addition to a Disney couples trip. However, you’ll be able to spend a lot more time in Disney Springs because it’s quite a bit bigger than Downtown Disney.

Can You Go to Disney Springs Without Staying There?

Yes, you can absolutely go to Disney Springs even if you’re not staying on Walt Disney World property. You don’t have to be going into the Disney parks during your vacation, either. Disney Springs is open to the public.

The main difference between visiting Disney Springs when you’re staying on Disney property versus when you’re not is how you’ll get there. If you’re staying at a Disney resort, you can take a bus to Disney Springs and avoid the walk from the parking lot. If you’re staying off-property, you’ll need to drive to Disney Springs and park in one of the parking lots.

A bus stop at Disney Springs to help answer the question is Disney Springs free?

Is Disney Springs Free? Wrapping Up

Great news, huh?! You can add a visit (or several) to Disney Springs regardless of where you’re staying during your Disney couples trip and without worrying about paying for parking or entry.

We almost always head to Disney Springs for dinner the night we arrive, and this is where we do all of our souvenir shopping, too, to avoid carrying bags around the parks.

Between the Disney shops and the non-Disney shops, including high-end boutiques and everyday favorites like Starbucks, there’s a ton to do here. Add in experiences like the Art Walk, bowling, Cirque du Soleil, live music and the Aerophile balloon flight and it’s kind of like going to another Disney theme park.

Want to have the most romantic Disney couples trip ever? We have a guide for that.

FAQ About Visiting Disney Springs

Town Center in Disney Springs.

Is it free to go to Disney Springs?

Yes, it’s free to go to Disney Springs. You can park and enter Disney Springs for free anytime you visit.

Is it worth it to go to Disney Springs?

Yes! There’s so much to do at Disney Springs, especially on a Disney couples trip. There are tons of bars, restaurants and shops, plus entertainment including outdoor live music. Disney Springs also has a movie theater, bowling alley, Cirque du Soleil show and other experiences.

Where is the best place to park at Disney Springs?

Most often, the Orange Garage is where you’ll park at Disney Springs. This is the garage that you can count on to be open most often, and unless it’s filled and you have to park elsewhere, it’s a good starting point for your Disney Springs day.

We also like to park in the “Surface Parking” section, which is the uncovered, outdoor parking area. It’s closest to Cirque du Soleil, and because it’s a small parking lot, the walk is never long to get to and from your car.

Also, because this is a less popular parking area, you don’t typically have to contend with crowds when passing through the security checkpoint and entering Disney Springs.