This article offers tips to stay hydrated in Disney World, especially when the weather’s extra hot. Make the most of your romantic Disney trip by staying healthy when you’re in the park!

Nothing can ruin a romantic Disney trip like exhaustion, stomach pains and general grouchiness. And while plenty outside of your control can contribute to that — crowd levels, unrelenting Florida sun, Lightning Lane pricing, etc. — something that is in your control is how well you stay hydrated at Disney World.

Getting enough water on a regular day is super important. And during a Disney World vacation, when you’re walking more than you ever do at home and much of your time is spent in extreme weather (heat, humidity, too-bright sunshine), getting enough hydration is even more of a necessity.

Girl drinking water to stay hydrated in Disney World.
Giorgio Trovato / Unsplash

Even the mildest of dehydration symptoms can throw a wrench into a romantic Disney trip for couples. Heavy breathing, irritability, dizziness, fatigue, muscle cramps, headache…none of these are fun symptoms to have when you’re trying to get as much out of your Disney park day as possible.

In this article, we’ll go over how to stay hydrated in Disney World, taking into account that the tap water in Central Florida isn’t something most of us want to drink.

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Bring Several Filled Water Bottles to the Park

There are a few ways to load up with water bottles for a Disney park day. Here are your options.

Bring collapsible water bottles that will flatten as you drink. These won’t be insulated, but they’re convenient space-wise. You can drink from these first so the water is its coolest.

The best water bottles for Disney parks.

Fill up insulated, leakproof water bottles so the water stays cold all day long. When you use a Hydro Flask or Yeti bottle, you can drink from it later in the day because the water temperature won’t be affected.

A Hydro Flask bottle to stay hydrated in Disney World.

Use a cooler backpack. You won’t have to buy pricey insulated water bottles and your beverages will stay cool all day.

A cooler backpack to stay hydrated in Disney World.

You can also bring frozen bottles of water into the park. Fill them up most of the way, not all the way, so they don’t overflow as they melt. Once melted, you’ll have cold water to enjoy.

Take a large backpack to the park so you can fit all your water bottles in it. You can (1) carry the backpack around all day, (2) leave a few water bottles in a locker and swap them out later or (3) take a water bottle or two with you and leave the backpack in the locker. Just make sure to head back to the locker regularly to grab more water as you need it.

Disney World park backpack.

If you find it a nuisance to hold a bottle of water as you walk around, get a water bottle sling. There are Mickey ones from Corkcicle that you can buy online or at the stand in Disney Springs, or you can get one like this if you don’t want to spend that much money.

Mickey Mouse Corkcicle water bottle sling.

Budget for Water at the Parks

It’s not difficult to buy bottled water in Disney World. Every quick-service eatery, snack stand and souvenir shop will sell it. Most of the time, the bottled water will either be the Dasani or Smartwater brand.

This isn’t the most cost-effective or eco-conscious option, but if you’re tired of lugging around a heavy backpack, doing this for one of your park days is convenient.

Opt for Water Instead of Soda

Even for those of us who focus on our hydration every day in our normal lives, it’s very hard to get the right amount of water on a Disney trip. Not only do you need more than normal because of the heat and your amped up activity level, but sipping water all day long in the park isn’t convenient or even at the forefront of our minds when we’re having fun.

Always opt for water over soda or a sugary option when you get a drink in the park. At the very least, reach your water quota for the day before ordering other beverages.

Black and white Coca-Cola water bottle.

If you’re going to drink alcohol, try to have one bottle of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink. You’ll keep yourself from getting too tipsy too fast, and you’ll also down the water you need to stay hydrated in Disney World.

P.S. That’s one extra bottle of water above whatever your daily goal is. You’re not hydrating here as much as balancing out the dehydrating effect of the alcohol.

Add a Hydration Tablet to Your Water

Hydration tablets to stay hydrated in Disney World.

Sports drinks like Gatorade can help you replace electrolytes, which you lose when you sweat. As a result, a lot of people assume that sports drinks are good for hydration, too. But unless you’re working out at athlete levels and getting enough water otherwise, Gatorade isn’t going to do much for you health-wise.

A better alternative is a hydration tablet like these from Nuun. Pop one in your water bottle and let it dissolve before drinking it. One or two or these a day will stave off dehydration headaches without making you extra thirsty, like Gatorade and Powerade can.

Make a Game of It

A water fountain at Disney World.
Daniel Hooper / Unsplash

Gamification is a great way to stay hydrated at Disney World, and it makes it easier to remember to chug or sip when you’d otherwise forget. Here are a few ways to turn it into a challenge:

  • Every time you go to drink water, take three additional big chugs.
  • Drink every time you use the restroom or pass a water fountain.
  • When you’re waiting in line for a ride, challenge yourself to drink from your water bottle five times before getting on.
  • Whenever you have a meal or a big snack, drink a glass of water (or its equivalent, like half your large water bottle).

Also, here’s how to avoid ride lines at Disney World, which can help limit how hot you get.

Don’t Rely on Disney’s Tap Water

A person holding a glass of tap water at Disney World.
Engin Akyurt / Unsplash

When you’re in a pinch, Disney World has a few options for free water:

  • Water fountains, some with bottle-filling stations
  • Asking for one or more free cups of water from a quick-service restaurant
  • Free water fill-ups at soda fountains in quick-service eateries

The easiest way to find the closest water fountain is to look for a restroom — there will usually be a water fountain nearby. (Note that the opposite isn’t true — not all water fountains are near restrooms.)

Here’s the thing: The tap water in Florida tastes pretty bad. It can be hard to drink it even if you’re dying of thirst. 😐

That’s why it’s smart to plan ahead either by bringing lots of water with you or preparing to buy several single-use water bottles in the parks.

P.S. Many Disney restaurants have filtered tap water, but some of them don’t. Even if you’re dining at a sit-down restaurant, you may need to ask for bottled water or an ice-free beverage.

When Disney Tap Water Is Your Only Choice

If you want to take your chances with Florida tap water in an effort to save money, you can mask the flavor a bit with Crystal Light or Mio, and you’ll still reap the hydration benefits.

Mio water flavoring addition.

You can also use a filtration water bottle from a brand like Brita or LifeStraw. Even Florida water should taste better when you drink it from one of these bottles.

Water filtration bottle from Brita for your romantic Disney trip.

Enjoy Your Romantic Disney Trip and Stay Hydrated in Disney World!

When you don’t put in effort to stay hydrated in Disney World, you’ll start to feel pretty terrible. (That’s mainly why a hangover is the pits, after all: dehydration.) Plus, getting enough water is important for your energy levels, and even if you’re a late-arriver like we are, you still needs tons of energy to make it through a Disney day.

You’ll also want to read our article about how to stay cool at Disney World. The Sunshine State is no joke when it comes to heat and humidity.

FAQ About How To Stay Hydrated in Disney World

Mickey Mouse water bottle sling bag.

Are there water-filling stations in Disney World?

Yes, there are water-filling stations in Disney World. Some of the water fountains have their own water bottle filling station. You can also fill your bottle with water at the soda fountains at quick-service locations.

How do you carry water around Disney World?

You can stash all of your water bottles in a backpack and/or in a locker, keeping one or two out to drink from until you’re ready for a new one. You can also get a water bottle sling so you don’t have to hold your water bottle in your hand as you walk around the park.

Are cups of water free at Disney World?

Yes, cups of water are free at Disney World. You can ask for a free cup of water from any quick-service eatery or restaurant in Disney World. You don’t have to be ordering from a quick-service location to ask for a bottle of water, either.

A snack stand is not the same as a quick-service eatery. The easiest way to determine if it’s a quick-service eatery is to look for a seating area. If there are places to sit, it’s a quick-service spot.

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