When I wrote about bringing a backpack to Disney World, I mentioned the option to bring everything along with you but leave it in a locker. That way, you’ll have your necessities and comfort items nearby — important for a full park day — but won’t have to lug them around everywhere, which can get hot, painful and annoying.

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In this article, I’m going to cover where you can find lockers in Disney World, plus give you a few tips for using them.

Where Are Lockers in Magic Kingdom?

There’s one locker area in the Magic Kingdom. You’ll find it after you scan your ticket but before you go through the entrance under the railroad. To your right, there’s a stroller rental area, and that’s also right around where the locker rentals are.

Map showing locker rental area in the Magic Kingdom.

Where Are Lockers at Epcot?

Epcot has two locker rental areas, which makes this a convenient park for renting one. The first one is after you walk through the Epcot entrance and past Spaceship Earth. It’ll be on your right, near the restrooms. You kind of have to loop around to find the area, but it’s not hidden.

Choose these lockers if you won’t be spending a lot of time at the World Showcase.

Map showing one locker rental area at Epcot.

The second locker rental area in Epcot is in the World Showcase. These are the lockers we use the most because we never go to Epcot without spending lots of time wandering around the countries.

If you walk into the World Showcase and turn right, you’ll walk through Canada and the United Kingdom before arriving in France. Before you cross the bridge that goes into France, there’s an offshoot to your right that’ll take you to an Epcot exit. If you continued through that exit, you’d be on the walkway to the Beach Club and BoardWalk. Before the exit scanners, though, there’s a locker rental area.

Choose these lockers if you’ll be spending a good amount of time in the World Showcase.

Map showing the second locker rental area at Epcot.

Where Are Lockers Located at Hollywood Studios?

At Hollywood Studios, locker rental is in the front part of the park. After entering, look for Oscar’s Super Service on the right, which is designed as a vintage gas station — this is where the lockers are. Here are about a million pictures of it online to make it easier to spot.

Map of locker rental in Hollywood Studios in Disney World.

Where Are the Lockers at Animal Kingdom?

Like Epcot, Animal Kingdom also has two locker rental areas. The first is after you enter the park, on your left, next to guest services.

Map of locker rentals near entrance of Animal Kingdom.

The second bank of lockers is next to Kali River Rapids, which is in the Asia section of the park.

Map showing second set of locker rentals in Animal Kingdom.

How To Find Locker Rental Areas With the My Disney Experience App

If you’re in a park and are still having trouble finding the locker area, you can use the My Disney Experience app to pinpoint its location. There are two ways to do this:

Option 1: Find the locker rental pin on the map

If you just want to know the general area of the lockers, you can pull up the map. Open the My Disney Experience app and enter “locker” in the Search Bar at the top. Click Locker Rentals, which should be the first result.

Searching for lockers on the My Disney Experience app.

Select the Find on Map option.

Locker rental Find on Map option.

Now you’ll have a zoomed-out map of Disney World. It’ll look like this:

Map of Disney World with locker locations pinned.

Zoom in slowly until you’re looking at the correct park. For this example, I’m choosing Epcot. The lockers will have little location pins near them. The closer you zoom, the more specific the location will be.

Close-up of locker rentals in the World Showcase in Epcot.

Option 2: Get walking directions to a specific locker area

If you’d rather get walking directions to a locker area, you can do that through the app, too. Open the My Disney Experience app and enter “locker” in the Search Bar at the top. Click Locker Rentals, which should be the first result.

Searching for lockers on the My Disney Experience app.

Select the Get Directions option.

Get Directions to lockers option on the Disney app.

You’ll then see a list of locker locations around Disney World. Select the one you want.

A list of locker locations in Disney World.

Since you’ll be in Disney World when you do this, your location should auto-populate. You can enter one manually, too. As you begin typing, it’ll automatically show you locations that match what you enter. Select the one you want.

The Get Directions page of the app.

Next, you’ll see a map with your path highlighted. Click the See Walking Directions button on the bottom.

Map with walking directions to lockers.

You’ll get step-by-step directions to the lockers. And if you’re in the park as you do this, you should be able to view the map live as you walk.

Walking directions to lockers.

That’s it! If you’re wondering whether you should bring a backpack into the park or go without one, check out this blog post.

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