Through all of our many trips to The Most Magical Place On Earth, we’ve tried a number of different sling bags, backpacks and more to find the best bag to carry at Disney World.

We didn’t always have success.

Miniature black faux-leather backpack with Mickey ears: Adorable, but too small for pretty much anything.

Medium-sized red Nautica backpack: On-theme color for Disney World but super-uncomfortable ribbon-like straps.

One of those baggy, tote-like backpacks that are as soft as can be: Zero structure and became a pain as the day went on.

A couple of years ago, we hit the jackpot — or jackpots — when it comes to the best Disney park bag.

There are two that we bring with us on every trip, and they’re so durable that they still look great and have no wear and tear years later.

Our #1 Best Backpack for Disney World

Since we started using the Mancio Slim Laptop Backpack as our main Disney park bag, we’ve never used anything else (other than on our non-backpack days). We don’t use this for anything other than Disney World, either. It sleeps in our closet between trips, resting up for the next vacation.

A backpack that's the best bag to carry at Disney World.

Here are all the reasons why we love it:

The shoulder straps are comfy. They’re not exactly padded, but they don’t cut into you, either. And, of course, they’re adjustable.

It’s just the right size for bringing on any and all Disney World rides. Even when there’s a tight space, like on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, this backpack sits perfectly between my feet. And it’s definitely big enough to pack everything and anything you might want for a Disney park day. Plus, it fits easily into a locker if you’re going to rent one.

How To Bring Your Bag on Rides in Disney World

✅ The main compartment is a big zippered pocket. You don’t have to worry about anything falling out as you hang upside down or get tossed around on a ride.

✅ There’s a padded laptop sleeve (or a padded tablet sleeve, either will fit) inside the main compartment. We don’t carry a laptop or tablet with us into Disney World, but we use this compartment for anything wet, like a water bottle with condensation or a damp cooling towel. It keeps condensation and water separate from everything else we’re carrying.

Green cooling towel with travel bag.

There are a lot of pockets and compartments, including several zippered pockets. There are pockets on the sides, a slim zippered front pocket, a medium-sized zippered pocket in front of the main compartment and multiple pockets inside.

One of the side pockets can function as an external water bottle holder. (It’s hard to get a water bottle in the other side pocket because the USB charging port gets in the way.) The pockets are snug enough that a small or medium-sized water bottle won’t fall out if you’re just walking around and going on mild rides. We bring these Platypus soft water bottles on every trip because they flatten when you’re finished drinking from them.

This is a stylish backpack! It has medium-brown accents and buckles, and we think it looks cool and modern. We have the gray one, but it also comes in muted blue, green or purple, as well as a bold red. Honestly, I like them all, and this backpack is affordable enough to buy more than one.

Color options of the best bag to carry at Disney World.

What to Look for in a Disney Park Backpack

When looking for a Disney bag, style mattered to us, but it was the least important feature we were after. (We got lucky with the style of the Mancio backpack.) Here’s what we focused on instead:

Comfortable Straps

There really is no backpack that’s going to still be comfortable at the end of a long Disney day. But you can make it as easy on yourself as possible by looking for features like adjustable shoulder straps, wide straps that won’t cut into you and padded shoulder straps.

Easy-to-Access Pockets

Whether they’re zippered pockets, mesh pockets on the sides or deep water bottle pockets, you want to look for backpacks with (a) plenty of compartments for organization and (b) at least a couple of pockets that are very easy to get into.

Pockets on the Disney park backpack.

With the Mancio backpack, you have to undo the two buckles (they’re held by magnetic buttons, so you don’t actually have to unbuckle them), flip the top flap over, and then unzip the main compartment.

We stash items we don’t need often in the main compartment and then use the other, more accessible pockets for the things we grab several times a day.

Zippered Compartments

At least one of your backpack’s compartments should be zippered. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing something that’s very important, like your wallet, MagicBands (we don’t wear ours all day long), souvenirs, etc.

Haunted Mansion Loungefly wallet.

Attachment Points

We like to attach a couple of things to our backpack, like a hand sanitizer holder (these ones are surprisingly chic) and a carabiner to keep our water bottle from falling out and getting lost. Depending on the type of water bottle you have, you may be able to secure the water bottle through the lid.

Water Resistance

It’s a smart idea to get a backpack that can handle some rain or splashing from a Disney ride. It doesn’t have to be technically water-resistant, but if the fabric is on the thicker side, it won’t absorb too much during a Florida downpour.

🌧️ It’s also smart to bring an umbrella or poncho. Here are the 10 best ponchos for Disney World.

Yellow Walt Disney World rain poncho.

We’ve gotten stuck in the rain with the Mancio backpack several times and have never had any issues with our items inside getting wet.

Our Favorite Crossbody Bag for Disney World

Right before we left for one of our Disney trips, I ran to the mall to find a crossbody bag to bring with us. Just like the backpack, I ended up with the best crossbody bag for Disney World ever, totally by accident.

The Kipling Keiko Crossbody Mini Bag comes with me on every Disney trip now, and I rarely use it when we’re not there because I want it to look great for the next trip. That isn’t a problem, though, because Kipling bags are incredibly durable and easy to clean.

The best bag to carry at Disney World for a cross-body style.

I’ve had an Alice in Wonderland Kipling wristlet and a bright yellow crossbody bag for years, and they still look as good as new. There’s something about the material that Kipling uses that doesn’t fade or tear — like, ever.

Here’s what I love about the Kipling Keiko Crossbody:

The main compartment is one big zipper pocket. It has a small zippered pocket inside the main compartment, too.

There are two more zippered pockets on the front of the bag. The one on the bottom is smaller than the one on the top, so it’s perfect for slim and small items, like Chapstick, cash, etc. P.S. Kipling bags are made really well, and the zippers never get jammed when opening or closing them.

✅ The shoulder strap is slim, comfortable and adjustable. I particularly like that you can make it extra long — I don’t like it when crossbody bags sit too high, like above my hip. Also, it’s easy to adjust fast, so if you need to make it shorter or longer before you get on a ride, you can do it quickly.

✅ The metal rings where the strap connects to the bag act as attachment points. I connect my hand sanitizer, face mask, MagicBand and anything else I can loop through. If I’m wearing a baseball hat and want to take it off, I’ll secure it around the main strap of the bag — recommended for most Disney rides!

Disney baseball hat with Mickey Mouse.

✅ The size is perfect. It’s large enough to carry a trimmed-down list of must-haves, but it’s small and flat enough to wear it all day long without it becoming a nuisance. You’ll also be able to keep it on as you ride pretty much anything at Disney World, even the rollercoasters.

✅ It stays very clean, and you can toss it in your washing machine. During one of our trips, I got a huge splotch of yellow mustard on my bag. I bought a Disney pin for the sole purpose of covering up the stain, but I never had to. One wash (cold, gentle, in a mesh laundry bag), and it was gone. Every now and then, I try to spot any lingering mustard-ness, and I can’t.

You can get the Kipling Keiko Crossbody on Amazon — there are lots of colors and designs to choose from.

The best bag to carry at Disney World for a cross-body style.

What to Look for in a Crossbody Bag for Disney World

Here’s what I looked for when shopping for a Disney park crossbody bag:

Adjustable, Long Strap

Most crossbody bag straps are comfortable in terms of material unless you’re using one with something like a chain strap. But what I look for in a Disney crossbody bag is (a) how easy it is to quickly adjust the strap and (b) if the strap can get long enough.

Zippered Pocket(s)

I suggest that your crossbody bag has at least one zippered compartment and that it’s big enough for any items you’d be upset to lose, like your credit cards, ID, etc. There are no unzippered pockets in the Kipling crossbody, which is why I love it so much.

Zippered main compartment of the Kipling bag for Disney World.

Enough Space

Crossbody bags aren’t going to have as much room as backpacks, so you want to get one that will still fit your must-haves. For us, that’s Chapstick, a wallet, hand lotion, hand sanitizer and a few other items.

Water Resistance

Most Kipling bags are water-resistant, including the Keiko crossbody. I’ve never had any issues with water seeping into this bag, and I purposely use Kiplings when it’s raining to keep everything inside safe.

Honorable Mention: Loungefly Card-Holder Wallets

I love Loungefly backpacks as much as anyone, but they’re not large enough to hold everything I want to fit in a backpack. Plus, the material makes me too hot to wear it in the Florida sun most days.

If you want a Disney-themed bag but feel like you can fit more in a regular backpack or crossbody bag, consider getting a Loungefly card-holder wallet instead. You’ll get the Loungefly cuteness without sacrificing convenience.

Loungefly card holder with Cinderella mouse on front.

We use a Mickey waffle card holder from Loungefly instead of bringing two wallets. We put our credit cards and IDs in there, and it takes up minimal space in whatever bag we’re bringing that day.

Quick Tip: Consider Using a Diaper Bag Backpack — Really!

Okay, stay with me. I know this is Disney for couples, geared toward kid-free adults. But a diaper bag backpack (here’s a Disney one) is actually an excellent option for a Disney park bag. Here’s why:

  • There are a ton of compartments for organization.
  • There are a lot of moisture-resistant sections that are easy to wipe clean. If you spill a soda in your bag or a snack you brought melts, it’ll be easy to clean.
  • Have you seen diaper bags lately? So many look great and plenty are unisex, so you can swap wearing the backpack throughout the day without anyone feeling uncomfortable with the design.

Diaper bag backpack for bringing into Disney World.

P.S. Put some baby wipes in there, too. They’ll come in handy about a million times during your Disney World vacation for everything from cleaning ketchup off your hands to wiping down your backpack after it’s been on the floor 100 times.

Two Bag Styles I Don’t Like for Disney World

You may have noticed that there are two prominent and popular Disney bag styles that I didn’t include on this list: the fanny pack and the sling bag. Here’s why:

Fanny Packs

Minnie Mouse bow fanny pack for Disney parks.

I’ve never liked wearing a fanny pack or the look of it, maybe other than when I was an 80s kid and they were all the rage. I realize that the fanny pack style is once again on-trend, but comfort-wise, they’re not for me. I don’t like having anything around my waist on a hot, humid Florida day. Plus, a fanny pack will get in your way when you sit on a ride and have to put on a seatbelt.

Sling Bags

Haunted Mansion sling bag for Disney World.

I have a bunch of sling bags that I use regularly at home, including a mini sling backpack that comes with me almost everywhere. In Disney, though, wearing a sling bag gets on my nerves.

First, sling bags have a habit of turning around, so you end up with the bag part under your arm or in front of you, and fixing that over and over while walking around the Disney parks drives me crazy.

Second, I don’t like how they cut tightly across the front of my body. On a normal day, fine. In 100-degree weather? Nope.

What About Going to the Parks With No Bag?

No strings GIF from a Disney movie.
No strings. Get it?

It’s definitely possible! You can either go with a bag and then put it in a rental locker for the day, or you can go totally bag-free. We go over both options in this blog post.

If you’re going to rent a locker, you can find the locations here, and we also show you how to find the location pins on the Disney World map when you’re in a park. Locker rentals last the whole day, so you can go back to your bag as many times as you want.

FAQ About the Best Bag to Carry at Disney World

Disney bags for adults with Mickey and Minnie in a comic strip.

What kind of bag should I bring to Disney?

We usually go with either a medium-to-large backpack or a roomy crossbody bag that can lay flat-ish. This is the park backpack we use, and here’s the crossbody bag I sometimes carry in Disney World.

What size bag should I bring to Disney?

It’s best to bring a medium or small bag to Disney. You’ll see a lot of people walking around with bigger, bulky backpacks, but these are uncomfortable to wear all day and can be difficult to comfortably fit on a ride.

Also, according to the Disney World website, “Suitcases, bags, coolers or backpacks, with or without wheels, larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm) are not allowed in any theme park or water park.”

What do I need to pack in my Disney park bag?

Anything that will make you comfortable in the park! We have a free checklist that you can download and print (or download and use on your phone) with everything you may want in your park bag. Get it here.

Disney park bag checklist.

Can I take my own food and drinks into Disney World in my backpack?

Yup! We almost never head into the park without a few bottles of water. We also sometimes pack a few snacks for those in-between times when we’re hungry but not quite ready for a meal or big snack yet. Pretzels, RX Bars and baby carrots are often in our bag.

⚠️ Avoid packing anything that can become gross (or dangerous) in the heat, like cheese, or anything that could melt, like granola bars with chocolate in them.

If you want to bring something like that, you can use a reusable ice pack in your bag with the food. We have a little insulated lunch bag that we sometimes bring when we want string cheese or sandwiches with us, and we’ll put a small, reusable ice pack in it to keep everything chilled.

Blue reusable ice pack.

Note that Disney World does not allow loose ice or dry ice. You also can’t bring glass containers or alcohol into Disney World. See the full list of prohibited items here.

Can you bring a bag on Disney rides?

Definitely! The only exception is TRON Lightcycle / Run in the Magic Kingdom, where you’ll have to put your bag in a locker. The lockers are free to use and are located in the ride’s indoor queue. They lock, so you don’t have to worry about your stuff going missing.

What is Disney World’s Bag Policy?

You can find details about Walt Disney World’s bag policy here, as well as other property rules.

Wrapping Up: What is the Best Bag to Carry at Disney World?

In our opinion, the absolute best bag for Disney is the Mancio Slim Laptop Backpack (see it on Amazon), followed by the Kipling Keiko Crossbody (see it on Amazon) for days when you’re packing light. They’re both comfortable to carry during a full Disney park day, they’re water-resistant enough to keep your items safe, and they never seem to look worn, even after several uses.

You’ll also want to check out our article with 29 Disney bags for adults you need to see.

This best bag to carry at Disney World post includes affiliate links to items, and I may make a small commission if you click them at no cost to you.