When you don’t live in the Orlando area, you can’t have a 3-hour Disney date night in Fantasyland any night of the week. But when you’re vacationing, it’s not too difficult to squeeze in some Walt Disney World romance even with a packed schedule.

Isn’t every night on vacation a Disney date night, though?

Nope! Disney World vacations can be action-packed, exhausting and frustrating at times (thanks Genie Plus). 😵‍💫

A Magic Kingdom date night at Disney World, on the other hand, is slower, more enjoyable and free of typical Disney vacation trappings, like being glued to your phone, checking wait times and trying to squeeze tons in before the theme park closes.

We have lots of Disney date ideas to have a romantic Fantasyland date night, whether you’ve spent the whole day in MK or relaxing by the pool at your deluxe resort.

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Now let’s plan your Disney date night in Fantasyland!

The Setting: Fantasyland in Walt Disney World

When you think of the Magic Kingdom, one of your first thoughts is probably Fantasyland. It’s the land that feels the most quintessentially Disney, with classic characters, bright colors and the most youthful feel of any Disney park.

Plus, it’s nothing short of lovely at night, once the sun goes down and the lights come on. And it’s also where you can catch a great view of the fireworks without fighting for a spot on Main Street.

Disney World for Adults: Are the Fireworks Shows Worth It?

Your Disney date night in Fantasyland at night with the colorful awnings lit up.

When you’re traveling as a kid-free Disney couple, you may not think that Fantasyland can provide any sort of grownup-friendly Magic Kingdom date night. We’ve even been to Disney World without stepping foot in Fantasyland the entire time (it didn’t feel great, TBH).

But if you’re after a fanciful, fit-for-a-princess evening in the cutest place on earth, consider a Disney date night in Fantasyland.

Here’s how to make it perfect for Disney adults and a little less kiddie.

Your Disney Date Night in Fantasyland

Fantasyland is larger than you may remember. Typically, the pathway that goes between Peter Pan and It’s a Small World, with the colorful awnings on one side, are what I think of when picturing Fantasyland. The area is much more than that, though.

Map of Fantasyland to help plan a date night in Disney World.
Source: disneyworld.disney.go.com

Heading there from Liberty Square, you first pass the small Tangled section, then you head down that pathway I just mentioned. The Tangled section is surprisingly charming, considering it’s basically for bathrooms. Take a second to look at all the Easter eggs from the movie.

Next, you come into a clearing by the carousel, which leads into the expanded New Fantasyland. Or, if you veer to the right instead, you’ll end up at the Mad Tea Party ride.

On a Disney date night in Fantasyland, you’re not going to hit everything. Instead, we’ve selected the best things to do in Magic Kingdom for adults that won’t make you groan, “I’m too old for this.” Remember, romance at Disney World for couples can be found anywhere!

Revisit the Story of Cinderella

A view of the fountain and Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

Appropriately, Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom leads right into the heart of Fantasyland. Kick off your Disney date night in Fantasyland with a slow stroll through the castle, paying close attention to your artistic surroundings.

Five mosaics made from Italian glass, sterling silver and 14k gold depict the story of Cinderella. Even the pillars are themed! Disney Insider Tips has an article that dives deeper into these gorg mosaics, if you’re interested.

Themed pillars in Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World for the start of a Disney date night in Fantasyland.

Knock Back a (Faux) Beer at Gaston’s Tavern

Heavy drinking isn’t going to be on the menu during a Disney date night in Fantasyland. While MK serves alcoholic beverages in its restaurants, you can’t get one at the quick-service eateries around the park, like you can in the other WDW theme parks.

But Gaston’s Tavern has to keep all its patrons happy, so they’ve come up with a clever alternative: LeFou’s Brew, a non-alcoholic drink that’s made to resemble a pint of beer. 🍺

It’s described on the Walt Disney World menu as “frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam.”

Now, I’m not a fan of most of those flavors — I don’t particularly like apple juice or marshmallow, and I can’t stand mango. And yet, I’m in love with this drink. It’s delicious, refreshing, and a must-have whenever we’re in MK.

Bottoms up!

One More Thing

Gaston’s Tavern (sometimes) serves The Grey Stuff cupcake, which has a cookies-and-cream flavor and is one of the most delicious sweets in all of Walt Disney World. Have it during your Disney date night in Fantasyland or pack it up to bring back to the hotel. You’re welcome.

The Grey Stuff cupcake from Gaston's Tavern for your Disney date night in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom in WDW.

Go for a Spin on the Mad Tea Party

Don’t knock the Mad Tea Party ride — it’s excellent for a romantic Disney date in Fantasyland because it’s such a classic. Plus, the wait is usually low (and the line moves fast), and it’s completely delightful both day and night.

Since you can control how fast you spin the ride vehicle, you can avoid getting too dizzy. The music is fun, and the ride is such a standard of MK that you can’t help but feel nostalgic.

Also, there’s something especially sweet about staring at one another from opposite sides of an oversized pastel cup, smiling and laughing as you whirl around a whimsical tea party.

Shop at Big Top Souvenirs

While the Storybook Circus section of New Fantasyland is possibly the most childish of the entire area, once the end of the day approaches, it’s not as overrun with children. It’s a great place to sit down, admire the too-cute Casey Jr. train (Dumbo’s mom is inside), and do a little shopping at Big Top Souvenirs.

Casey Jr. in the Storybook Circus of New Fantasyland in Walt Disney World at the Magic Kingdom.

This shop is pretty big, and we’ve found items here that were harder to find at other Disney gift shops.

In the center is the Big Top Treats stand, which has circus snacks (popcorn, cotton candy, etc.) plus Disney desserts like Krispy treats, caramel apples and cupcakes, similar to what the Main Street Confectionery has.

There’s also a seating area with tables and chairs, so if you can’t resist one of those goodies — or if you just want to sit next to one another and whisper sweet nothings as part of your Disney date night in Fantasyland — there’s a place to do it out of the heat.

Have Dinner at Pinocchio Village Haus

The Pinocchio Village Haus has more green on its menu than you’ll find at a lot of quick-service Disney locations, and past lunchtime, it’s usually not very busy. Inside, there’s a great view of the It’s a Small World queue, and there’s also outdoor seating if the weather’s nice enough.

If you’re able to snag an indoor seat by the window that overlooks the ride, see if you can find any of those handheld signs to hold up as the boats pass by below you.

The queue for the It's a Small World Disney ride in the Magic Kingdom.

When you want a lighter dinner that won’t leave you with an I-ate-too-much-fried-junk stomachache, head here.

Why Not Dine at Be Our Guest?

Sure, a restaurant themed to one of the most romantic Disney movies ever, Beauty and the Beast, seems like the obvious choice for your Disney date night in Fantasyland, especially if you’re feeling fancy. Set at the foot of Beast’s Castle, it’s adorable inside and out, no doubt.

However, it’s very appealing to kiddos who love themed dining, and the food is regularly reported as being meh.

If you can’t have a phenomenal meal that feels at least somewhat adult-friendly for a Disney date in Fantasyland, it may not be worth the price ($67-plus per person) or the time commitment.

Save your money for something way more indulgent and satisfying.

Indulge in Dessert From Storybook Treats

🍦 If you’re a fan of soft-serve, Storybook Treats has a couple of out-of-the-box offerings themed to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

For example, their Snow White Cone is made with DOLE Whip Lemon decorated with a chocolate bird and a sugar bow. There are also more traditional options, like hot fudge sundaes and ice cream floats.

Keep an eye on the menu because selections change frequently.

Cheshire Cafe Is a Yummy Alternative

Prefer pastries to ice cream? Cheshire Cafe in Fantasyland has the cult-favorite Cheshire Cat Tail, a filled pastry topped with pink and purple icing. The quick-service snack stand also has a Merry Unbirthday Cupcake that’s topped with tea-infused buttercream.

Head to the Carousel for a 2-in-1 Surprise

Around the time of the MK fireworks show, make your way to the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.

The first thing to do with your main squeeze here during your Disney date night in Fantasyland is go for a ride. (Is there any romance at Disney World sweeter than the prince’s own carousel? Probably not.)

Insider Tip: No two horses are alike, and bonus points if you ride on Cinderella’s horse.

Next, stick around to catch a bit of the nighttime show — the best fireworks in the world, if you ask any Disney fan. This is an excellent viewing area, and you can watch for a few minutes sans crowd, then move on with your Fantasyland date night.

Take a Ride on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We’re not into dealing with Genie Plus on a romantic Disney date night in Fantasyland.

If you want to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to add a little thrill to your Fantasyland date night, you don’t always have to pay extra for it. Check out the wait time during the fireworks or shortly before park closing. We were able to walk on during this time, and the Lightning Lane actually moved slower than the regular line. 🤯

Bonus: This roller coaster has incredible views during the fireworks show.

As part of your planning for your Disney date night in Fantasyland, you may also like our article about everything we did at MK without Lightning Lanes.

Hop on Line for It’s a Small World

Part of the queue for It's a Small World, the best way to end your Disney date night in Fantasyland.

The best time to ride It’s a Small World is right before closing. There’s never a line, and we’ve even had the entire ride to ourselves during this time.

Of all the Fantasyland rides to choose from, this consistently takes our top spot for last ride of the day. It’s a classic, it’s lovable, and that song isn’t nearly as bad as people say it is.

Congrats On Your Wonderful Disney Date Night in Fantasyland

Yay! You’ve just had the ultimate date night in Fantasyland!

Since it’s made for grownups and kids alike, Walt Disney World for adults balances great experiences with enjoyment. Why rush through the day and night, trying to get on everything possible without truly appreciating your surroundings?

This is your permission to slow down, carefully choose what to do (and what to skip), and quench your need for true Walt Disney World romance with magical date ideas.

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