This article discusses how to get a reservation at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World.

When you’re going on a couples Disney trip, there’s a lot more to consider than where to order yummy cocktails, beer and wine. But if you’re a fan of just-for-grownups drinks, finding the best ones will still be on your checklist.

If you’ll be heading to Hollywood Studios during your couples Disney trip, we recommend that you get a reservation at Oga’s Cantina, which is in the Star Wars-themed part of the park called Galaxy’s Edge. This is a land created just for Disney parks, and it’s set on the fictional planet Batuu.

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Since this is a new land, Oga’s Cantina is a nod to the Mos Eisley Cantina (and my favorite Star Wars scene ever) in Episode IV: A New Hope — it’s not a replica of it, which a lot of people expect.

This isn’t a sit-down, leisurely experience. There are a few booths, but a party of two is likely to get standing spots at the bar or against the long, thin counters between the bar and the booths. It’ll be tight, with people right there next to you. (Keep reading — it’s not that bad.)

The two of us at Oga’s Cantina

After a few minutes, it’s not going to matter. Oga’s Cantina is awesome, from the drinks and setting to the music and the way the servers and bartenders stay completely in character the whole time. Be prepared for them to ask you questions about which galaxy you’re from.

Here’s how to get a reservation at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, plus a few more things to know about visiting the coolest spot in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Bottoms up!

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Is It Hard To Get a Reservation at Oga’s Cantina in WDW?

When Oga’s Cantina first opened, it was extremely difficult to get a reservation at the notorious local watering hole. Today, it’s not nearly as hard since it’s been open for a while.

Like most Disney dining, though, it does get booked up. Even if you find a slot on a day you’ll be in Hollywood Studios, it may not be at the time you want. Jet Juice at 8:30 a.m. is only for the strongest among us.

Jet Juice and Outer Rim cocktails at Oga's Cantina.
Jet Juice and Outer Rim cocktails at Oga’s Cantina

When we booked our last-minute couples Disney trip in April for May, we only had a month to secure a dining reservation. Oga’s Cantina reservations were available, but as we changed our itinerary around, we ended up canceling our reservation. Making a new one wasn’t easy, especially as the trip drew closer.

Luckily, we’re pros at this. We went to Oga’s for the first time not long after it opened, and that was during the pandemic, so reservations were even harder to come by. We rarely go on a couples Disney trip without at least one visit to the Star Wars Cantina, though, so we’re doing something right.

Our Foolproof Methods to Get a Reservation at Oga’s Cantina

Your first choice should be booking Disney dining reservations through the app. We have an article that walks you through that process — see it here. (We go through it later in this article, too.)

Assuming you’re not able to book Oga’s Cantina reservations the easy way, though, here’s how you can still make sure you throw back a few at the coolest bar from another Star Wars galaxy.

Method 1: Wait Until the Night Before or Day Of to Get a Reservation at Oga’s Cantina

Whether you don’t want to check the MDE app for reservations a bunch of times before your trip or you’re having zero luck finding a time slot that works, being patient pays off. When we’ve had an extra-hard time getting an Oga’s Cantina reservation, we stop trying … until right before we want to go.

Wait until the night before your HS park day to check the app and make your reservation. And if that doesn’t work, check it the day of your park day, even if you’re already in the park. That’s how we got in during the Cantina’s earliest, busiest days.

People are changing their plans last-minute, which means they’re canceling or rescheduling their Cantina reservations. That leaves a lot of openings for you to book.

Method 2: Use the Stakeout App

Maybe you don’t want to wait that long to make your plans. Or you don’t want to be chained to your phone during your vacation, constantly refreshing the MDE app’s reservation page.

I hear you. In that case, we rely on the Stakeout app.

The Stakeout app on the App Store.

This app lets you create alerts for Disney dining reservations. You choose when you want to go to Oga’s Cantina (or any Disney eatery that takes reservations), and you’ll get a notification when a slot is free.

⚠️ Note: Stakeout doesn’t make the reservation for you. Instead, it tells you when one’s available so you can make it yourself. Act fast so you don’t miss it!

Creating an alert in the Stakeout app.

You can click on the link Stakeout sends you to log in to your Disney account online, but I usually just open the app and make the reservation that way. (More on how to do that in a minute.)

We use Stakeout when we’re getting close to the trip and reservations are hard to find. We usually pay for one month of service, which is $9.99. That lets you create 10 Stakeouts, and we time it to last through our trip so we can keep booking while we’re there. There’s a $19.99 per month option, too, which lets you create 25 Stakeouts.

Stakeout app pricing.

How Do I Make a Reservation at Oga’s Cantina?

The best way to make a reservation at Oga’s Cantina is through the MDE app. Open the app and type “Oga” into the Search Bar at the top. Select the first result: Oga’s Cantina at the Walt Disney World Resort.

My Disney Experience app search bar with Oga typed in.

Click the Reserve Dining option.

The Reserve Dining option in the My Disney Experience app.

Enter the size of your party and then select the correct date or date range. You’ll see a list of available times segmented by mealtime.

MDE app availability to get a reservation at Oga's Cantina on a couples Disney trip.

When you find a reservation you want, click the time. You’ll be brought to a Reservation Details page, where you’ll confirm your contact and payment information. Follow the prompts to finish booking.

Good to Know: A credit card is required to make a Disney dining reservation. You won’t be charged right now, but Disney keeps your card on file in case you cancel the reservation last-minute. They have cancellation fees for some restaurants, including Oga’s:

Cancellation fee at Oga's Cantina in Disney World.
Source: Official Disney World Website

If you need to cancel your reservation, speak to someone at the host stand. We’ve gotten out of the charge by canceling in person — otherwise, we’ve definitely been hit with the fee.

Can You Go to Oga’s Cantina Without a Reservation?

Yes! You don’t need a reservation to go to Oga’s Cantina. It’s possible that they’ll have availability even if you don’t have a reservation. (But still know that a reservation is the best way to ensure you’ll get in.)

You can go to the Cantina and talk to someone at the booth outside to find out if and when you may be able to go. Or, you can join the walk-up list via the app, if it’s available.

How to Join the Oga’s Cantina Walk-Up List

The best way to join the Oga’s Cantina walk-up list is via the MDE app. Open the app and type “Oga” into the Search Bar at the top. Select the first result: Oga’s Cantina at the Walt Disney World Resort.

My Disney Experience app search bar with Oga typed in.

Select Join Walk-Up List.

The Join Walk-Up List option on the My Disney Experience app as an alternative to get a reservation at Oga's Cantina on a couples Disney trip.

You’ll enter the size of your party, and you’ll also see an estimated wait time. This makes it easy to know approximately when you should be back in the Star Wars land and the vicinity of Oga’s so you don’t miss your turn.

As you go through the app’s prompts, you’ll enter some more information, like how many adults are in your party, if there are any dietary restrictions, etc. You can see a full walk-through of joining a walk-up list here.

When it’s your turn on the walk-up list, you’ll get a push notification to your smartphone, so make sure you have notifications from the Disney app enabled.

Where is Oga’s Cantina in WDW?

It can be a little difficult to find Oga’s Cantina — we’ve been there several times, and I still have trouble spotting it.

To start, Oga’s Cantina in WDW is in Galaxy’s Edge, which is the Star Wars land toward the back of Hollywood Studios. To get to Galaxy’s Edge, you have two options:

1. Walk through Toy Story Land, which leads into Galaxy’s Edge.

Map of Hollywood Studios at Disney World with Toy Story Land and Galaxy's Edge highlighted.
Source: My Disney Experience

2. Walk past the Muppets section (the area with Muppet Vision 3D and PizzeRizzo), and you’ll soon walk into Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge after passing through a cave-like walkway.

Map of Hollywood Studios at Disney World with Muppets section and Galaxy's Edge highlighted.
Source: My Disney Experience

Oga’s Cantina is difficult to find because the signage here is in the land’s made-up language, called Batuuese. For us, part of the fun is wandering around and trying to remember how to get to the Cantina — despite how many times we’ve been there, we only vaguely recall where it is each time we go.

Oga’s Cantina is close to the Millennium Falcon, which is where the Smugglers Run ride is housed. If you can find the Millennium Falcon, you’re not far from Oga’s. The Cantina is between the MF and the Milk Stand, and it’s also near Savi’s Workshop (where you can build a lightsaber) and Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

Map of Galaxy's Edge with Oga's Cantina in the center and highlighted.
Source: My Disney Experience

It says “Cantina” over the entrance, but it’s not easy to see during the day because it’s not illuminated — and the font is hard to make out, too. The Cantina has a host’s booth outside with several cast members standing around, so that’s a giveaway that you’ve found the right place.

How To Get Walking Directions to Oga’s Cantina With the My Disney Experience App

If you’re still lost and don’t see anyone to ask, you can use the MDE app for live walking directions.

The My Disney Experience app in the App Store.

Open the app and type “Oga” into the Search Bar at the top. The Cantina will be the first result. Select it.

My Disney Experience app search bar with Oga typed in.

Select the Get Directions option.

My Disney Experience app with Get Directions option highlighted.

Your current location should auto-populate. A map will appear with your path highlighted. Select See Walking Directions for it to go live. It should be a cinch to find Oga’s Cantina this way.

Get Directions page of the My Disney Experience app.

FAQ About Going to Oga’s Cantina On a Couples Disney Trip

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What time of day is best for Oga’s Cantina?

Oga’s Cantina is open all day long, as early as 8:30 a.m. until the park closes. Whether or not you go in the morning depends on what you’re going to order and how well you handle alcohol that early.

💡 If you’re up for it, it’s easier to get a reservation at Oga’s Cantina for the morning than for the afternoon or night.

Also, the Oga’s Cantina menu has non-alcoholic options, so you don’t have to get a drinky-drink here. Keep in mind that there aren’t breakfast-friendly options on the menu, though, so you may not want to make this your first meal of the day.

(😏 Or maybe you do. This is Disney for Couples, and we don’t judge morning drinking on an empty stomach.)

Personally, Mike and I prefer Oga’s in the evening. It’s a dark bar, and it feels most on-theme to walk into and out of it when it’s dark outside. It has a very underground Star Wars vibe, and we like to go with that.

Plus, the cocktails are strong, and leaving the Cantina tipsy to head out into the hot, strong Florida sun is … no.

How long can you stay at Oga’s Cantina?

Oga’s has a time limit of 45 minutes per party, according to its page on the WDW website. We’ve never stayed that long, even when we’ve ordered drinks and food.

Even for us Cantina diehards, a half an hour here is more than enough. You’re still in the middle of a Disney theme park, so once you’ve had your fill of Oga’s, it’s like, “Alright, ready? Let’s move on.”

Still, even though you can only stay there for a short time, it’s always worth it to get a reservation at Oga’s Cantina.

Is there a drink minimum at Oga’s Cantina?

Disney’s page about Oga’s doesn’t mention a drink minimum, but there are some reports that every person in your party has to order at least one item. Make sure this is OK with everyone in your party before you get a reservation at Oga’s Cantina.

Is there a drink maximum at Oga’s Cantina?

Disney’s page states that there’s a two-drink maximum at Oga’s Cantina. However, we’ve ordered more than two alcoholic drinks per person without a problem.

Final Thoughts: Is Oga’s Cantina Worth It?

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We can’t imagine a couples Disney trip without also going to Oga’s Cantina. We love it there, and we fantasize about it when we’re back home. The drinks are great, and we even like the controversial (taste-wise) Happabore Sampler, which is the alien version of a charcuterie plate.

The Cantina is always worth it if you ask us, even if reservations are hard to come by and you have to pay for the Stakeout app to watch for them.

One of the easiest ways to get into Oga’s is during an After Hours event. Read about our experience here.

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