This article recommends the best Disney World quick service in each park to help you plan your next Disney World trip for couples.

There are lots of Disney World restaurants that offer excellent dining experiences, but sometimes you want to forgo a sit-down meal for the sake of having extra time for other experiences on your wish list.

Opting for Disney quick service restaurants over making dining reservations is one of our strategies for getting the most out of a Disney World trip for couples. And while we usually don’t go through an entire trip without a visit to a restaurant, there are definite perks to choosing fast food over a full-blown dining event.

🤗 Avoid the time you’d spend on your phone to make the reservation, check in and wait for your table.
🤗 Disney quick service restaurants are less expensive than regular restaurants.
🤗 Certain Disney World quick service spots have better food than some restaurants.

Every one of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks has several quick service options to choose from. In this article, we’ll give you our recommendations for the best ones (in our humble opinion).

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Best Quick Service in Magic Kingdom

The Partners Statue, part of what to see when doing everything at Disney World.

In Magic Kingdom, the best quick service is Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, which is in Frontierland. They serve Mexican food and a couple of cheeseburger options. We especially like the chicken or pork carnitas rice bowl, and the Taco Trio is also a good option if you want a bit of everything.

Want to find out the best quick service in each land of Magic Kingdom? Check out this article.

Best Quick Service in Epcot

The way that Epcot is split up makes it feel like two parks instead of one: the World Showcase and everything that’s not the World Showcase. We picked the best quick service restaurants at Disney World in each of the two main areas so you don’t have to walk halfway across the park just to eat.

Best Quick Service Outside of World Showcase

Connections, the Epcot Starbucks location.

The new-ish Connections Eatery is close to the main entrance, not far past Spaceship Earth as you walk into the park. It’s connected to the park’s Starbucks on the other side, Connections Cafe.

☕️ Where Are the Starbucks Locations in Disney World?

Connections Eatery has burgers, sandwiches, pizza, salads and more. There’s also a lot of seating inside, so even on a busy day, you probably won’t have trouble finding a table.

Best Quick Service in World Showcase

The World Showcase Lagoon, an ideal Disney World for adults date spot.

Once you’re in the World Showcase, we’re big fans of Regal Eagle Smokehouse, which is clear across the lagoon — it’s as far as you can get from the entrance before heading back. (Remember, there are boats that run back and forth if you don’t want to walk all that way.)

The menu includes BBQ eats like ribs, smoked chicken, brisket, French fries with burnt ends and more. This is a decent-sized place inside, and we were able to snag a table even when it was packed.

Another bonus of going here is that there’s a wash station right in the restaurant, so you can clean up after you eat without going to a restroom.

🤠 P.S. According to reviews, the food here seems to taste exactly the same as what they serve at Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios.

Best Quick Service in Hollywood Studios

The exterior of the ABC Commissary at Hollywood Studios during a Disney for couples trip.

We wrote a whole review of the ABC Commissary and talk about why this is one of the best quick service restaurants at Disney World, hands down. To recap, the setting is classy and laidback, the food is always good, there’s plenty of seating, and you don’t bus your own tables. Read the full review here.

Runner Up: BaseLine Tap House

The exterior of the BaseLine Tap House, a Disney Hollywood Studios quick service spot with drinks and tapas.

BaseLine Tap House is a true gem in Hollywood Studios. It’s perfect if you want more than a snack but aren’t hungry enough for a full meal.

On top of having a lot of craft beer, cider and wine options on tap, they also serve shareable apps. The Bavarian pretzel is big enough for two and it’s much better than Disney World’s standard Mickey pretzels. There’s also the California Cheese and Charcuterie Plate and spiced almonds.

✨ BaseLine is also part of our recommended progressive dinner at Hollywood Studios if you want to do a little something different on your Disney World trip for couples.

Best Quick Service in Animal Kingdom

Full disclosure: We haven’t eaten at a lot of the Disney quick service restaurants in Animal Kingdom, but we have eaten at Harambe Market several times and always liked it.

Entrees include rice bowls with different proteins, the Beef and Lamb Kofta Pita, and a selection of salads. In general, food at Harambe Market — and in Animal Kingdom overall — is delicious, and it feels healthier and more elevated than many other fast food options in Disney World.

Wrapping Up

WDW isn’t the best place for eating healthy, and if you don’t want to count calories or worry about nutrition on your Disney World trip for couples, we totally get it. It still pays to stay hydrated, though, so you can power through long park days without feeling totally wrecked by the end.

Make sure to check out our article with tips for staying hydrated in Disney World. You can thank us later!