If you’re planning a Disney World for adults trip, you may be wondering whether or not the nighttime shows should go on your must-do list.

Are Disney fireworks worth it if you don’t have kids on the trip?

Maybe not.

That’s not because they’re not phenomenal. Disney has the best fireworks in the world. If you’ve never seen them, prepare yourself to be disappointed by any fireworks show you watch thereafter. They all fall flat once you’ve seen Disney fireworks. 😔

Still, we tend to skip the nighttime shows in Disney World, and we end up getting lots done with our time, whether that’s hopping on rides that usually have long waits or taking a romantic Disney date night stroll when the park is seemingly empty.

Here’s how we approach Disney fireworks and the uber-popular Magic Kingdom nighttime show as kid-free Disney adults.

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Getting a Good Spot at Happily Ever After is Tough

Magic Kingdom fireworks are beautiful and touching, but it can be a real pain to get a viewing spot.

Main Street in the Magic Kingdom in Disney World at night with the lights on.

It doesn’t help that the Cast Members shoo you along constantly. If you’re walking in the vicinity of the viewing area and stop to tie your shoe, pick up something you dropped, or just look around and get your bearings, you’ll be told to keep moving.

During one of our trips, we wanted to watch the show but we got so sick of listening to the Cast Members yelling at everyone to keep moving that we gave up looking for a spot. They’ll even pressure you to move if you’re waiting for someone outside a restroom. And one especially snarky Cast Member was telling people, “It’s called a walkway because you walk on it,” which is not the norm in Disney World, but it wasn’t pleasant. 👎

If you want to watch the fireworks and don’t mind missing the projections on the castle, head to Fantasyland and watch from the area around the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. You’ll get a mostly unobstructed view from right below the fireworks, and you won’t have to fight with the crowd.

Plan your next Disney World date night! A Fairy Tale in Fantasyland

Otherwise, if you have your heart set on getting a great viewing spot for Happily Ever After, your best bet is to claim your spot early — like, when the sun’s still up — and hang out there for hours.

What about those dessert parties with reserved viewing for the nighttime show?

We’ve never done it, but we haven’t heard good things about them. Every review we’ve watched or read says that the desserts are crummy, the viewing angle isn’t always the greatest and the viewing area can get uncomfortably crowded. Boo.

Which Disney Fireworks Are Best?

Most people will say that Happily Ever After at the Magic Kingdom is the best fireworks show in Disney World, but we’re partial to Epcot.

Both parks always have heartwarming shows that are bound to get you choked up, but there are way more viewing opportunities at Epcot.

We also think of Epcot as the best Disney park for adults, mainly thanks to the World Showcase. We even went to Epcot on New Year’s Eve a few years ago — greatest night ever.

New Year's Eve in Epcot at the World Showcase Lagoon.

If you want a romantic Disney date night, you can’t go wrong with Epcot, and watching the fireworks there is easier than at the Magic Kingdom.

You can watch the nighttime show from anywhere around the World Showcase Lagoon. We’ve walked up right before it starts and have claimed a spot with a great view.

Another option is to slowly stroll around the World Showcase and watch as you walk. We like to get dessert from the Kabuki Cafe in the Japan pavilion or Karamell-Kuche in Germany and nosh as we make our way around the countries. Here’s a progressive dinner idea in Epcot, too.

Can You Go on Rides During Magic Kingdom Fireworks?

Yes! You can definitely go on rides during the Magic Kingdom fireworks. And that goes for the nighttime shows at the other Disney parks, too.

Actually, this is the best time to go on rides because the lines will be shorter since so many people will be at the show. If you didn’t get on a ride earlier because the line was too long, this is the time to go.

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Prioritize the most popular rides that rarely have short wait times. We’ve even walked right onto Rise of the Resistance during Fantasmic.

Scene from Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy's Edge, Hollywood Studios, Disney World, a perfect Disney World for adults ride during the nighttime show.

Bonus points if you pick a Magic Kingdom ride with a great view of the fireworks, like the Tomorrowland Speedway or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Does Disney Close Rides During Fireworks?

Nope! Disney World doesn’t close rides during fireworks. You won’t have trouble getting on rides during the fireworks show.

In the Magic Kingdom, the show takes place at the castle, with projections on the castle and the fireworks above and around it. Guests gather in the hub (the round area in front of the castle) and down Main Street.

Cinderella Castle at Disney World.

You might have trouble getting to rides during the fireworks show if you want to cross the hub — there may even be partitions up that block you. But if you walk through the different lands, you can reach the rides you want to go on.

Same goes for Epcot. The fireworks are in the World Showcase Lagoon, and you shouldn’t have a problem getting on any World Showcase rides. The rides in the rest of the park will be available, too.

The World Showcase Lagoon, an ideal Disney World for adults date spot.

Disney World for Adults: Is the Disney Firework Show Worth It? Final Thoughts

Since this blog is all about WDW for couples, we can’t say that the nighttime show at any of the parks is an absolute must-do, especially not every night of your romantic Disney trip.

If you have the time, try to see each park’s show once during your trip. If you have to be selective, the best Disney for adults fireworks show is at Epcot.

And if you prefer a quieter Disney date night, the nighttime show may be your only chance to walk hand in hand while the park is as peaceful as it’s going to get.

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