Here’s how to spend a Disney World date night in Liberty Square on your couples trip.

If you don’t live in Central Florida, you may not be able to pop into Magic Kingdom on a random Friday for dinner and drinks with your main squeeze. (Bummer.) But during your romantic Disney trip, you can absolutely plan at least one Walt Disney World date night.

Since you’re traveling as a kid-free couple, you may be thinking, “But every night is a Disney date night during our trip!”

Not exactly. It doesn’t feel so romantic to grab a greasy meal, rush to your Lightning Lane before it expires and then shove your way through a packed Emporium to see if they have a T-shirt you like.

👎 That’s a standard Disney night.

A Disney World date night, on the other hand, is slower and more laidback. It’s brimming with experiences without being jam-packed. You may not hit up everything in the park, but what you spend your time on will feel lovely. 🥰

Whether this is your first trip or your 100th, forgo doing more, more, more so you can relish in what you choose to do.

Mickey and Minnie in love.

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Disney World Date Night Setting: Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom

The Liberty Square section of Disney theme parks for a perfect date night.

Liberty Square is an underrated part of the Magic Kingdom park, and if you usually spend your time here going to and from the Haunted Mansion, you’re missing out on so much more, especially when planning a Disney World date night.

Haunted Mansion themed coffee.

Understated and pretty, Liberty Square feels less themed than the other lands at Magic Kingdom, but that’s only if you don’t know what’s around you. We love this video that goes over Liberty Square secrets you never knew you wanted to know. The host is there bright and early, which may give you a vantage point you don’t usually get.

Liberty Square is also where the beautiful Liberty Tree is, adorned with lanterns that glow once the sun goes down. To add to the charm, Liberty Square runs along the Rivers of America, where the Liberty Square Riverboat cruises.

The Disney Liberty Tree on a Disney World Liberty Square date night during a romantic Disney trip.

Disney World Secret: The Liberty Tree is a real tree, a gorgeous oak that’s over 100 years old. It was moved from a different location on Disney property to where it stands in Liberty Square, and it’s been there since opening day.

Your Date Night in Liberty Square

Haunted Mansion flowers for a Disney World Liberty Square date night.

Ready to have a perfect Disney World date night at Liberty Square? Here’s what to do — and the order to do it in!

Cool Off at The Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents, Liberty Square, one of the Disney parks that's full of date night ideas.

You’ve been bopping around the Magic Kingdom all day, and you’re hot. 🥵 Head to The Hall of Presidents for a breather and some AC. The show’s a luxurious 25 minutes long, there’s never a wait, and you’ll emerge cooled down and ready for an evening with your main squeeze.

Hall of Presidents humor book.

You don’t have to be super interested in American history to enjoy The Hall of Presidents (or the rest of Liberty Square, for that matter), because the attraction is entertaining — and cool to look at — regardless of how interesting the subject matter is.

Plus, it’s calm, peaceful and feels very adult, a welcome reprieve from rowdy kiddos in the rest of Magic Kingdom.

Hungry or Thirsty? Grab a Healthy Snack at the Liberty Square Market

Want a light snack or something to sip during or after The Hall of Presidents show? The Liberty Square Market has healthy options like fruit, Babybels and grapefruit juice, plus traditional Disney snacks like Mickey pretzels and all-beef hot dogs.

It’s a cinch to get something from this stand, too, because Liberty Square Market is simply an open-air counter-service spot where you don’t have to place a mobile order.

Insider Tip: Each park in Disney World has at least one of these healthier food stands where you can grab snacks or drinks to-go. 

Cruise on the Steam-Powered Liberty Square Riverboat

The Liberty Square Riverboat only runs until 7 p.m. most evenings, so you want to do this next so you don’t miss the chance. If this beauty isn’t fit for a Disney World date night, I don’t know what is. 😍

The Liberty Square Riverboat, one of many Disney World date night ideas in the Disney parks.

The authentic, steam-powered reproduction of a colonial-era riverboat has four decks and takes a 17-minute tour around Tom Sawyer Island. Mark Twain’s narration tells stories of his time on the Mississippi, and you’ll see parts of Magic Kingdom you wouldn’t otherwise access, including an early American settlement, Harper’s Mill, and more. You’ll also get unique views of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Haunted Mansion.

Dine on New England Fare

No Disney World date night is complete without the chance to enjoy dinner. There are two Liberty Square dining options we suggest:

If You Want a Sit-Down Restaurant: Liberty Tree Tavern

The Liberty Tree Tavern Disney restaurant.

The family-style meal at the Liberty Tree Tavern is delicious. The setting is endearing, too — it’s designed like a colonial-style inn right out of your American history textbook from high school.

The all-you-care-to-enjoy menu includes a Thanksgiving-type meal with roasted turkey, stuffing, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and more. It’s finished with toffee cake a la mode, which you can also order seconds of. There are specialty cocktails and sangria that you can add to your dinner.

We’ve never had a disappointing meal here. However, this is a heavy dinner, and you’ll probably feel over-full when you leave. If that’s not how you want to spend the rest of your date night at Disney World, consider the next option.

Prefer Disney World restaurants to quick service? Here’s how to make dining reservations using the My Disney Experience app.

If You Want a Quick-Service Meal: Columbia Harbour House

The Columbia Harbour House also has a New England-inspired menu, like the Liberty Tree Tavern, but with more seafood options (plus chicken strips). And while it’s a quick-service spot, it feels surprisingly cozy.

The Columbia Harbour House menu includes a lobster roll, shrimp boil, New England clam chowder (which used to be served in a bread bowl, RIP), grilled fish and more.

When you’re finished with dinner, take your dessert with you and find a couple of empty chairs that are dotted along Liberty Square’s storefront porches. People-watch and enjoy how pretty the area looks at night.

Ride in a Doom Buggy During Happily Ever After

Haunted Mansion portrait pop figure.

Unless you’re dying to see the Happily Ever After nighttime show, this is the perfect time to ride the Haunted Mansion without waiting on a long line (or being glued to your phone for Genie Plus). With so many guests stationed in front of the castle for the Magic Kingdom fireworks, ride lines are extra-low. Ride twice if you’re in the mood.

🎆 Disney World for Adults: Are the Fireworks Shows Worth It?

Buy a Unique Souvenir

It's a Small World ornament as a souvenir from Disney World Liberty Square during a romantic Disney trip.

There are two gift shops in Liberty Square that you won’t find (almost) anywhere else in WDW:

Memento Mori

👻 Memento Mori has gifts themed to the Haunted Mansion, and the items here can be difficult to find elsewhere in Disney World or online. If you’re a big Haunted Mansion head, take a stroll through — it’s tiny, and the coolest items are toward the back, right before you exit.

🛎️ One more thing: If you like the Memento Mori vibe, the Tower of Terror gift shop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which is called Tower Hotel Gifts, has comparably creepy merch.

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

🎄 Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe has Christmas ornaments and other holiday decor year-round.

If you’re going to be in Disney Springs, there’s also a holiday shop there called Disney’s Days of Christmas, so you can skip Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe if you want — the selection is the same in both places, and Days of Christmas may even have a bit more to choose from.

Also, if you plan on being in Epcot at some point on your romantic Disney trip, Die Weihnachts Ecke in the Germany pavilion of the World Showcase has some of the prettiest holiday items in all of WDW.

Congrats On Your Successful Disney World Date Night in Liberty Square!

Before you head to another part of Magic Kingdom, take an evening stroll all the way through Liberty Square (it’s a short walk), slowly heading either to Frontierland or toward the castle.

This isn’t a very busy part of the park in the evening, and you can take in the romantic setting without bumping into people.

You’ll get a view of the Haunted Mansion at night, the replica Liberty Bell lit up, serene porches and the river. Sigh. 😌

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