We’re avid watchers of Tim Tracker, and we’ve stolen a lot of tips from his channel to maximize our trips, especially when it comes to adults-only advice perfect for Disney for Couples (and Disney couples).

We’re also not ones to turn our noses up at high-ticket items and experiences, like that Disney World VIP tour you’ve probably heard about. Yes, we’ve stayed at budget hotels like All-Star Music, but our money-wise trips are balanced out with longer vacations and a deep, deep love for the Polynesian. 😍

The Polynesian resort lobby in Disney World.

That’s all to say that a VIP tour at Disney World isn’t immediately ridiculous to us — if there were a way to live on Main Street, we’d figure it out, whatever the cost. We’re not Disney snobs about, you know, Disney snobs.

All that said, the Trackers’ experience with their VIP tour in Disney World left us completely underwhelmed and scratching our heads. And when Jenn talked about how nice it was that they had free snacks, I thought, “For that VIP Disney World tour cost, you should have a private chef, not a few bags of chips.”

(I’m not judging Jenn here; my judgment is solely focused on the Disney VIP tour services.)

Unless I’m missing something — and I might be, because I’ve never personally been on a Disney World VIP tour — this seems like a complete and total ripoff. Right? 🤨

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What’s a Disney World VIP Tour?

Alright, so according to the Disney private tour webpage, you get a tour guide who leads you on a “customizable experience filled with attractive benefits.” Those benefits include:

  • Pre-arrival planning for your Disney World VIP tour
  • Flexible start time
  • Private transportation from your Disney resort (or partner resort) to the Disney park
  • Transportation between Disney parks
  • Visits to multiple Disney theme parks
  • Lightning Lanes for “some” attractions
  • Shared insight from your tour guide

Honestly, that doesn’t sound like a lot to me. Pre-arrival planning, a flexible start time, private transportation, park-hopping and Lightning Lanes are all things you could work out on your own, for far less than the Disney VIP services cost.

The only addition here is the tour guide, other than the convenience of not having to do that planning for your party.

It’s possible you also get VIP viewing for parades and shows, as well as access to special dining reservations. The Disney website doesn’t explicitly state these perks, but other sources do, so…🤷🏻‍♀️

Disney VIP Tour Cost + Details

✨ Up to 10 guests can participate in a WDW VIP tour.

✨ Every guest has to already have theme park admission. The Disney World VIP tour cost does not include theme park admission.

🤑 Minimum Cost: $63 to $109+ per person

Disney World park ticket pricing, which isn't included in the Disney World VIP tour.

✨ Pricing for the Disney World VIP tour is $450 to $900 per hour, based on the season.

✨ There’s a 7-hour minimum.

🤑 Minimum Cost: $3,150

Disney for Couples WDW VIP Tour Cost

OK, so let’s say you’re a party of two since this is Disney for Couples.

You could pay a minimum of $1,638 per person if you managed to snag the least expensive park ticket possible and you’re able to book the Disney World VIP tour during the least-expensive season for just (“just”!) $450 per hour.

That’s more expensive than the highest-priced annual pass would cost you:

Disney World annual pass pricing compared to the Disney World VIP tour price per person.

But most people aren’t going to book the Disney World VIP tour on a Disney for couples trip when there are just two people. So let’s get into the cost breakdown for a larger party…

Disney Private Tour Cost for a Group of 6

A group of people on a Disney World VIP tour.
Source: Nicholas Fuentes / Unsplash

Let’s say you have a party of 6. Maybe you’re a family traveling together or there are 3 sets of Disney couples. Whatever. There are 6 of you splitting the cost.

The minimum each person would pay is $588. That’s based on the $63 park ticket and the $450 per hour for 7 hours being split 6 ways.

That’s a more reasonable expense per person, but only compared to the ridiculous price tag of $1,600+.

Nearly $600 is still super high to spend per person for…not that much. The $525 each person would pay for the tour is still out-pricing what it would cost to pay for Genie Plus, Individual Lightning Lanes and a Minnie Van, which can fit 7 people.

Is the Disney World VIP Tour Worth It?

I can see the draw of throwing a lot of money at a Disney day of total convenience. I may not personally want to spend my money this way, regardless of how much I had to spend, but still, I don’t usually balk at whatever someone’s version of worthwhile convenience is.

But from what that Tim Tracker video showed me, there’s not as much convenience as you’d think a Disney World VIP tour would offer.

Let’s talk about the biggest perks of the Disney World VIP tour, and why I don’t think they’d be worth the price tag.

This Isn’t an All-Inclusive Disney World VIP Tour

At first, it seems like one of the biggest benefits of the Disney World VIP tour is that you can experience any ride and attraction you want, without a wait.

Except, you can’t.

The Disney World VIP tour services aren’t a solution to seeing everything there is to see in a Disney park (or parks) in a day, and you also won’t be able to skip every line.

You’re still limited, similar to Genie Plus limits. In other words, you’re at the whim of availability.

Short Lines Are Hit or Miss

The sign for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway at Hollywood Studios.
Source: Nicholas Fuentes / Unsplash

For $450 an hour, I want to walk onto a ride, preferably after striding along a red carpet.

Or, I at least want to head to the front of the line right away and be the next person to get on the ride.

In the Disney private VIP tour video we watched, that didn’t always happen, though. 😤

Sometimes, the party was ushered to the front of the line and had to wait. Not a big deal. But other times, the wait was still about 30 minutes, according to what Jenn said at the end of the day.

All in all, their crew got onto 10 rides — which is what Mike and I do with or without Genie Plus most park days, and that’s with arriving in the late morning or early afternoon.

You Have To Spend All Day With a Tour Guide

Admittedly, Mike and I are introverts. Being in Disney World is more than enough when it comes to people exposure, and we would never want a stranger with us for an entire Disney park day of 7+ hours.

Introvert or extrovert, though, is this appealing? I guess it’s cool to have someone with you to tell you insider secrets and little-known facts, but it’s at the price of spending a whole day with a person you don’t know.

I love the idea of Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour and tours like it. So it’s not that I’m entirely opposed to having a tour guide. But on what’s essentially a regular Disney theme park day? No thank you.

Final Thoughts About the Disney World VIP Tour

At Disney for Couples, we’re all for trying new things, high price tag or not. We just can’t seem to figure out the it’s-definitely-worth-it pros of the super expensive Walt Disney VIP tours.

When you rebuild a similar type of day without an actual Disney World VIP tour, you can plan many of the same perks for much, much less.

If you’ve taken a Disney World VIP tour or have firsthand experience with any Disney VIP services, I’d love to hear about it!