This article discusses three types of water bottles that are ideal for your time in Disney parks on a Disney couples vacation.

For any of you Disney adults out there who prioritize hydration (🙋🏻‍♀️), a Disney couples vacation can be rough on your water intake. I switch between a 40-ounce Stanley tumbler and a 73-ounce HydroJug at home, always within reach, which makes it a lot easier to get my water in throughout the day.

Blue HydroJug water bottles.

But in Disney, you probably won’t be carrying along that massive a water bottle, which means you’ll have to grab your bottle from your backpack each and every time you’re thirsty.

Add to that how enticing the drinks are at Disney World, whether you’re a soda fiend or prefer something more adult, and you could go through a whole trip without drinking any H20 at all.

Not good, guys. Your legs are going to be sore after a Disney park day, and that’s even with proper hydration. If you skip it completely, you’ll be in more pain than necessary.

💧 Whenever we head into a Disney World theme park, we make sure to pack anywhere from three to six bottles of water to get us through the day. Then, we usually end up buying bottled water on top of that.

Here are the three types of water bottles we use depending on the type of bag we’re carrying, where we know we’ll be dining and general preference.

Collapsible Water Bottles

While they’re not insulated, we don’t go to Disney World without three of these soft, collapsible water bottles. They hold 34 ounces each, so if you drink three, you’ve had plenty of water for the day.

And the best part is that as you drink and when you’re finished, they flatten out, taking up less space in your bag. They weigh practically nothing, too. You can even roll them up and shove them into a pocket.

The best water bottles for Disney parks.

Even though they’re soft, the bottles aren’t flimsy to hold and drink from, and they taper in the center to make gripping them easier. They’re BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free, and they don’t have any odd taste or smell. Most importantly, they don’t leak — I’ve never had an issue with these spilling into my bag.

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Reusable, Insulated Bottles

When we take a large enough backpack into the park and aren’t worried about its weight, we’ll pack our reusable bottles instead. And if you’re going to have a reusable bottle or two taking up space in your bag all day, you might as well make sure the water stays chilled.

Purple Hydro Flask insulated water bottle to bring to Disney World.

I have a bunch of insulated water bottles to choose from, and I’ll pack a couple in my suitcase to use in Disney. I like the stainless steel ones from Shop Disney (there are also tons of these to buy in the parks) and the 32-ounce Hydro Flask, both of which keep water super cold for hours despite the crazy Florida heat.

Note that you can’t bring glass bottles into Disney parks. For a full list of prohibited items, visit this page of the Disney website.

Disposable Water Bottles

When we have a car, whether our own or a rental, we stop at Publix on the first day to get a huge pack of bottled water for the fridge. Some days, if we don’t feel like carting around empty water bottles in the park, we’ll bring just the disposable ones. We’ll either each carry one into the park or throw several in our backpack.

Gray and medium-brown Disney park backpack.
This is the Disney park backpack we always use.

On these days, we know we’re going to have to spend a lot of money buying water. But whether you want to travel light and don’t have room for a bottle or you have a full bag and want to limit weight as much as possible, sometimes disposable bottles are the most convenient option on park days.

P.S. Disney World has recycling bins for disposing of your plastic water bottles responsibly!

We have a lot of clever travel items that we use regularly. Check out our list if you want to make your next Disney vacation more comfortable!


FAQ About Bringing Water Bottles Into Disney Parks

Five colorful water bottles for Disney parks on a Disney couples vacation.

Can I bring water bottles into Disney World?

Yes, you can bring your own water bottle into Disney World. However, you can’t bring glass bottles into the Disney parks. Since the best Disney water bottles are insulated stainless ones that will keep your drinks cold, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Can I take my Hydro Flask to Disney World?

Absolutely! We love our Hydro Flask insulated water bottle, and it often comes to Disney parks with us. It’s one of the best bottles for Disney World because it keeps water cold all day long.

Are there places to fill up water bottles at Disney?

Yes, there are water bottle refilling stations in Disney World. However, you’ll be drinking Florida water, which a lot of people think tastes pretty bad, us included. Proceed with caution!

How do you carry a water bottle on a Disney couples vacation?

Our article that talks all about how to stay hydrated during a Disney couples vacation discusses the best water bottles for Disney, the bottled water cost if you want to buy it in the Disney parks, and ways to keep your drinks cold. Read it here.

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