This article includes Disney World packing list items for visiting the Orlando theme parks…and anywhere else you’re planning to go.

At the end of 2021, Mike and I went on a dream Disney trip. Two hotels — one an off-property Airbnb, the other Coronado Springs — and 3+ weeks in The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Minimal work, maximum Mickey-shaped foods, and as many souvenirs as we could fit into our car, which we drove from New York.

Muppets road trip.

It was our second Disney World trip together, and we wanted to spend as long as possible there. 10 Best Disney Ponchos for Adults (Because Orlando Rain Happens All the Time)

Truthfully, spending the better part of a month away from home was too much, despite our undying and embarrassingly deep love for Disney World. We were homesick, and our last day in each park wasn’t even sad in that sniffly Disney Blues way. We were glad to be leaving, unsure of when we’d be ready to return.

Entrance sign at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.

(Spoiler: We went back before the year was up. We’re super-fans. What can I say. 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Our kid-free Disney vacations have taught us a lot about making a home away from home, plus how to stay comfortable when you have more park days than you can handle.

Here’s what we think you should add to your Disney World packing list. Or any packing list, for that matter. 🧳

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Must-Have Items for Your Walt Disney World Packing List

These items made our Disney vacation more convenient, comfortable and even safer. (Combine that with our tried-and-tested Disney World tips, and you have a winner of a vacation.)

Remember, we were driving, so we had a lot of space to play with — but even if you’re flying, at least some of these items can be stashed in your bag.

Also, if you have any must-have products to tell me about, I’m all (mouse) ears!

Luggage repair tape

Luggage repair tape to pack for Disney World.

When you’re talking about over 3 weeks away, packing for Disney World is no joke. We have pretty huge pieces of luggage, and they were still over-stuffed enough to rip some of the more delicate separators inside. This luggage tape comes on every trip with us for when we need a quick repair.

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Washable luggage cover

Soft luggage cover with geometric design for your Disney World packing list.In the 48 hours before leaving for the Disney parks, I decided we needed a luggage cover. Our suitcases were brand new, and I couldn’t stand the thought of them being damaged en route.

I quickly ordered this one, unsure of how it would work out. It ended up being a great purchase.

  • Under $20
  • Fits our luggage perfectly
  • Easy to get on (with two people)
  • Wash in cold on delicate
  • Durable even when checking luggage

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Park day backpack

Gray and medium-brown Disney park backpack to add to your luggage when packing for Disney World.No Disney World packing list is complete without a day bag for the parks. We looked around for a long time for a Disney park backpack and eventually settled on this one. It’s held up through all of our trips to Walt Disney World.

  • Lots of pockets (including a few with easy access)
  • Straps are comfortable for a full day of wear
  • We’ve never had a problem squeezing it onto a ride or into a locker
  • Comes with a built-in USB charging port

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Smartphone car mount

A phone car mount for your Disney World packing list.

We both have this car mount in our cars, and we use it every time we get in, whether we’re going down the block or a few hours away. On 17-hour road trips to the Disney parks, it comes in especially handy.

  • Clips onto your AC vent
  • Expand or contract the width to fit your phone and case
  • Charge port isn’t obstructed
  • Swivels to adjust its position until it’s perfect

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Brita pitcher

Red Brita pitcher for Disney World road trips.

We actually ordered a new Brita pitcher while we were en route to the Sunshine State, somewhere above the Carolinas, still in the winter chill. Instead of buying a month’s worth of bottled water, we figured it was better for the planet and our wallets to get a Brita instead.

I ordered it on Amazon, and it was waiting at the door of the Airbnb the next day when we arrived. We had fresh water the entire time, no plastic bottles necessary.

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Soft, collapsible water bottles

Collapsible bottles for your Disney World packing list.

I bought these collapsible, leakproof water bottles years ago for a family vacation to Disney World.

  • Hold a good amount of water (34 ounces)
  • Flatten out as you drink
  • Take up less space in your park backpack

They’re not insulated, but the convenience of having them compress sometimes outweighs that for us depending on how much water we need and what we’re carrying into the park.

That said, they don’t get hot and icky like regular plastic bottles of water. They just become … not cold.

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Electrolyte tablets that don’t taste terrible

Hydration tablets for your Walt Disney World packing list so that you drink enough water in Disney World.

An athlete pal of mind recommended Nuun Sport tablets when I was knee-deep in Peloton-ing and could not, no matter what I did, stay hydrated.

I’ve tried 8 of the flavors, and while none of them are as delicious as, say, soda, they’re not bad, either. There isn’t any flavor that I go, “Ugh, no.” Mike actually likes them enough to pop them in water just because, too.

I’ve never successfully downed my 72+ ounces of daily water while in Walt Disney World, so to ward off headaches, leg cramps and generic whines that I don’t feel good, I use one or two of these a day. They’re an absolute must when packing for Walt Disney World since staying hydrated is a priority.

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Unbreakable French Press

Unbreakable, travel-friendly Fresh press.

We prefer a cup of French press coffee instead of drip, and Mike is known to make the. best. ever. We’d traveled to the Walt Disney World Resort with a French press before, and, as you can guess, the glass broke mid-trip.

Enter this godsend of an appliance, a stainless steel French press that’s nearly impossible to damage. The coffee tastes great from it, too. We liked it so much that we started using it at home — why wait to use it only when it’s added to a Disney World packing list, right?

☕️ If you have extra room for your coffee-making gear, bring it. You can have your favorite beverage before even leaving your hotel room.

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Clothespins (lots of them)

Wooden clothespins.

At home, we use clothespins instead of chip clips in the kitchen. They’re super cheap, and a lot come in a pack, so if you lose one or it breaks, it doesn’t matter.

Must-Have Disney Kitchen Items to Create a Magical Home

We always put them on our Disney World packing list and throw a handful of these in our luggage so that if we have a bag of something in the kitchen that needs closing, we don’t have to roll down the top and cross our fingers that it stays put. Goodbye, stale tortilla chips that we’re going to eat at 2 a.m.!

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Adidas massage slides

Adidas massage slides to include when packing for Walt Disney World.

Whether it’s a tough workout at home or a long, long day thanks to Disney World park tickets, I swear by my Adidas massage (“Adissage”) slides.

Even if you have comfortable walking shoes, your feet and legs are going to be sore by the end of the day when you visit Disney World. The second you get back to the hotel room, put on clean, cushy socks and then slip on these babies. Wear them as much as possible. You’re welcome.

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Charcoal deodorizer bags

Charcoal deodorizer bags.These charcoal deodorizer bags are great as shoe inserts and to throw in a smelly backpack after it’s been to a couple of Disney parks. By the next morning, any not-so-nice smells will be long gone.

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Travel jewelry case

A jewelry case for your Disney World packing list.In the past, when packing for Walt Disney World, I would use baggies to organize my jewelry, but that just makes a big mess. Plus, if you want to keep something protected from being bent, a thin plastic bag isn’t going to cut it.

I took way too long scouring Amazon for a not-too-big, not-too-small, Goldilocks-perfect travel jewelry case. This is the one I found, use and love.

  • Affordable price
  • Button stays firmly closed
  • Surprising amount of space

Needless to say, it’s always on my Disney World packing list. I even use it at home to store some of my nicer items that need a soft bed to sleep.

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Hanging, zippered garment bags

Hanging garment bags for your Disney World packing list.

I don’t like ironing or steaming my clothes on a normal day, and it’s the last thing I want to do on a magical vacation in Disney World.

To keep our clothes in relatively decent shape, we put the more wrinkle-prone items in these hanging garment bags. Being able to zip them up means that the clothes inside stay clean even if you get stuck in the rain or they accidentally slip off the hangers.

Pro Tip: If you’re driving, hang whatever you plan to wear the day or night you arrive. We usually check in, freshen up and change for dinner reservations at Disney Springs. Having your clothes in a garment bag saves you the trouble of digging through your luggage.

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Towel hair wraps that actually stay in place

Set of two towel hair wraps.

Any time we go on a trip and I leave these towel hair wraps at home, I regret it. I always assume I can use a regular towel to wrap my hair, and then it topples off my head, my long hair whips around and gets everything splattered with water, and it’s a nuisance.

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Travel soap carrier

Travel soap carrier.

This is another item that I don’t travel anywhere without, Disney resorts or otherwise.

If you use bar soap in the shower or next to the bathroom sink, this travel soap carrier is as useful as it is simple.

It has a small sponge in the bottom to sop up any excess liquid, so you can pop your soap in at the end of your Disney vacation instead of having to throw it out (Dove and other specialty soaps can be expensive!).

Plus, it serves as a soap dish during your trip if there isn’t an obvious place to keep the soap.

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Folding scissors

Folding scissors for your Disney World packing list.

Until you don’t have scissors handy, you don’t realize how often you need them. These safety folding scissors take up almost no space and are easy to pull open and then push back for safekeeping.

✈️ Maybe don’t try to take these onto a plane, though. Pack them in your checked luggage instead.

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Extra-long heating pad

Extra-large heating pad when packing for WDW.

I consider myself a bit of a heating pad connoisseur, and after owning several, I’ve settled on my favorite. Pure Enrichment’s XL heating pad is extra-long, so it can cover from your neck to your lower back.

We’ve never had a Walt Disney World packing list without one for each of us, and it’s a godsend at the end of a long day, especially if you’ve gone on Space Mountain. That ride can be rough!

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Back massager

Back massager for your Disney World packing list.

Like the heating pad above, having a back (and leg and shoulder) massager on a Disney World vacation is heaven. This one’s cordless, and when charged up, it’ll last through two good massages. It also has several heads to swap out for better pain relief.

After buying this one for under $50, I was thrilled that I didn’t spend $100 or more on a pricier one.

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Security door wedge

Security door wedge for travel.

We feel safe when we stay at Disney resorts, but during our extra-long trip, we were in an Airbnb most of the time. To put our minds at ease, we used this Sabre door-stop security alarm as a backup to the regular door lock.

(I’ve also used this on other trips and even at home when I’ve been extra nervous about a break-in.)

🔒 It provides security in two ways:

  1. It’s a door wedge that jams the door if someone tries to open it from the outside.
  2. When the door opens on it, a sensor on the top is compressed and lets out an incredibly loud alarm.

You can also use just the wedge without the alarm.

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What else do you need for your Disney World packing list?

Now that you’re all set for your Disney trip, you’re probably wondering what goes in your Walt Disney World park bag.

Download this free Disney World park bag checklist and bring as much (or as little) as you need to stay comfortable.

This post includes affiliate links to items I recommend bringing when visiting Disney World. Add them to your ultimate Disney packing list!