This blog post will help you decide if you should bring a backpack to Disney World depending on the type of park day you want to have during your Disney for couples trip.

We’ve tried all different types of bags in Walt Disney World, including no bag at all (or as close to it as possible).

Before one of our trips, we did a deep dive into the best backpacks to take into Disney parks, and the one we settled on proved to be an excellent choice. It’s inexpensive, roomy, comfortable and durable. It’s lasted us through several trips already, too. What more could you ask for from a backpack for the Disney theme parks? (See it here.)

Disney parks backpacks in light green, red and purple.

But should you bring a backpack to Disney World? We think so, at least on the days when you know you want a lot of items at your disposal.

In this article, we’ll discuss when you’ll want to bring a back to Disney World, as well as when you may want to go without and strategies for getting through a day with minimal items on you.

Here’s When You Should Bring a Backpack to Disney World

Mickey Mouse Loungefly Disney backpack. There are definitely going to be days on your Disney for couples trip when you wince at the thought of carrying a backpack around all day. When that happens, there are alternatives. (More on that a little later.)

There are also days when you’ll feel at peace knowing that every single thing you might need, from cold water to snacks to a cooling towel and more, are right there with you. On those days, pack your backpack.

Check out our recommendations for the best Disney bags to bring on your next Disney for couples trip.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to bring a backpack with you to a Disney park:

  • You like to freshen up mid-day or once the sun goes down. We even pack a T-shirt change for those extra-hot and sweaty days. (Here’s how to stay cool in Disney World.)
  • You have health needs and want Ibuprofen, prescription medications, hand sanitizer, face masks, Band-Aids, vitamins, etc. with you.
  • It’s going to rain, and you want ponchos, an umbrella and a microfiber towel to dry off seats with. (Here’s how to handle a WDW day in the rain.)
  • You’re packing snacks or lunch instead of relying on Disney quick service.
  • It’s hot now, but it’ll be chilly tonight, so you want a sweatshirt on hand.

On days when we feel like bringing every necessity and comfort item with us, this is everything we pack. Download the checklist for free!

Remember: You Can Always Leave It in a Locker

We’ve had days when we’ve loaded up the backpack and then stashed it in a locker. We’ll head back a couple of times throughout the day when we need something, but otherwise, we’re bag-free. It’s always nice knowing we have our must-haves nearby without having to tote them with us all day long.

Here’s where you can find lockers in each Disney park.

Not Feeling the Backpack Today At All?

Hip belt Disney bags for adults with Mickey Mouse.

Been there. You don’t always have to bring a backpack to Disney World, and some days, you’re not going to want to. More power to ya — that’s a great feeling.

Here’s Why Not Bringing a Bag to a Disney Park is Awesome

  • Getting through security is quick and easy. If you’ve stashed anything in your pockets, just take it out and hold it in front of you as you pass through the metal detectors.
  • No carrying a bag around with you all day that can make you hot and hurt your shoulders from the weight.
  • You won’t have to go back and forth to a locker or risk forgetting you got a locker and accidentally leaving all your stuff there overnight.
  • Skip that annoying process of cramming your bag between your legs on a ride and crossing your fingers that it doesn’t get loose as you get tossed around. Lookin’ at you, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

The few times we’ve done this, we’ll load up our pockets as much as possible without it being uncomfortable.

Also, our article with ridiculously good Disney bags for adults has several non-backpack options that are easier to carry around the Walt Disney World theme parks.

5 Tips for Going Backpack-Free On a Disney for Couples Trip

Don’t want to bring a backpack to Disney World today? We hear you. Here’s how to get through a backpack-less day without making your Disney for couples trip inconvenient.

✨ Be prepared that everything you eat and drink will be bought at the park.

It’s annoying and uncomfortable to carry a water bottle in your hands all day, and any food you stash will turn to mush in your pockets. Eating yummy Disney snacks is a small price to pay for being backpack-less.

Make it easy to carry your phone with you.

You’ll need at least one phone in Disney World to access the My Disney Experience app. Since you’re not going to bring a backpack to Disney World, you need an easy way to carry it, and sticking it in your pocket is a little too dangerous.

I swear by my iPhone lanyard, which I’ve used on every trip since 2018, and people always stop me to ask where I got it. The exact one I have isn’t sold any longer, but this one is basically the same design and has great ratings.

An iPhone lanyard to help make having dinner at Disney's Hollywood Studios during a Disney World for couples trip easier.

Wear it around your neck or loop it around your wrist. On days when you do bring a backpack to Disney World (or any type of bag), you can put it in the side pocket and run the lanyard through a strap so it’ll be saved even if it falls out.

Take items you can’t live without on your Disney for couples trip, but be savvy about space.

  • Small items, like Chapstick, gum and travel-sized hand lotion, are easy to stash in your pockets.
  • Put all of your credit cards, gift cards, IDs, etc. together in one slim wallet. I use a Loungefly card holder to cut down on space.

Snow White Loungefly card holder wallet.

  • I like to load up a Disney gift card some days, especially when eating around the World Showcase during a festival, and leave all my credit cards back in the room. These miniature, wearable gift cards are usually sold at the Port of Entry in Epcot, which is right in front of you when you walk in the main entrance of the World Showcase.

Wear the accessories you’ll be uncomfortable without.

Three pairs of aviators sunglasses.

  • Choose sunglasses that you don’t mind getting scratched up, like these inexpensive aviators. You’ll be hanging them on the neck of your shirt or pushing them up on your head when you’re not wearing them, which means they won’t be safely stored in a case.
  • Wrap a face mask around your elbow so it’s always in reach but not in the way. (We still use face masks in Disney World sometimes, especially after catching COVID during our last trip. Here’s one with Minnie Mouse blowing kisses.)
  • Tie a light sweatshirt around your waist if you get chilly in the evenings.

You can buy necessities at Walt Disney World if you’re desperate.

If you end up needing first aid, there are stations in each of the Disney parks. They can give you things like Band-Aids, cough drops, pain relievers, etc. You can also purchase necessities like deodorant and eye drops at Baby Care Centers.

Wrapping Up: Should You Bring a Backpack to Disney World?

If you’re planning to be in a Disney theme park from open to close and want every comfort item with you, bring a backpack to Disney World. We highly suggest this one. Not only is it the one we’ve used on every trip, but we also see other people with it in WDW, too.

Purple backpack for a Disney for couples trip when you want to bring a backpack to Disney World.

Dying for a break from a bag of any kind? You can make it work, whether you put your bag in a locker for the day or are extra brave and totally go without one.

When you opt to bring a backpack to Disney World, use this free park bag checklist just for a Disney for couples trip.

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