This article talks about how to spend a rainy day at Magic Kingdom, especially if you’re on a couples Disney vacation.

We love Disney World more than the average bear (obviously), but Florida weather is unpredictable at best. Between the heat and humidity, even the most romantic Disney trip can be tough to handle at times. When you throw in unexpected thunderstorms and bouts of heavy rain, contending with the elements is a whole vacation consideration on its own.

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If the forecast calls for rain or if you’re already in a Disney park and have no option but to stay, there are worse places to be than Magic Kingdom. There’s a lot here to keep you busy when you need to dash inside. Plus, even Florida’s darkest skies tend to clear up fast, so hopefully, you won’t be avoiding the great outdoors for long.

☔️ P.S. Pack some rain gear in your park bag and download a weather app before you go. You’re welcome.

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What To Do on Rainy Days at Magic Kingdom in Disney World

Cinderella Castle at Disney World.

Here’s the good news: Every area of Magic Kingdom, including Main Street and all of the themed lands, has something that you can do if it rains. Frontierland is the area with the least options, but even there, you’re not completely out of luck.

😃 Consider this, too: When it rains, the parks tend to empty out because most guests head back to their hotel. If you push through, you’ll be rewarded with low wait times and thinned-out crowds once the skies clear.

The Emporium and Other Shops on Main Street

Uptown Jewelers during a Magic Kingdom 1-day itinerary and Disney World date night.

So you’ve arrived at Magic Kingdom at the start of your romantic Disney trip and…it’s raining. Great.

Look on the bright side: You’re not in the worst place to escape inclement weather, and every Disney adults trip requires a dedicated time for shopping anyway.

The Emporium is one of the best indoor locations on Main Street to wait out a spell of rain because it stretches for practically the whole left side of the street until you reach Casey’s Corner.

Casey's Corner quick-service hot dog restaurant at Magic Kingdom in Disney World.
Photo by Cesira Alvarado on Unsplash

On the other side of Main Street, pop into the Main Street Confectionery if you have a sweet tooth, then go shopping at Crystal Arts and Uptown Jewelers. Both stores are adults-oriented, and Crystal Arts offers a discount for D23 members.

Where To Eat on Main Street When It Rains

In terms of quick service, Main Street doesn’t have a lot to offer if you’re avoiding the rain. Casey’s Corner has a handful of indoor seats, but this place gets packed. You won’t be able to linger for long, if you can get a table inside at all.

Your best bet is to see if any of the three Main Street restaurants can seat you as a walk-up. Our favorites are The Crystal Palace, which is buffet-style, and the Plaza Restaurant. If you’re in dire need of lunch, you can give Tony’s Town Square a try, but expect something more Olive Garden-like than actual Italian food.

Where Is the Disney Magic Kingdom Starbucks? (And Other Park Locations)

The Haunted Mansion and Memento Mori

Exterior of the Haunted Mansion ride in Walt Disney World at the Magic Kingdom.

The Haunted Mansion isn’t a bad place to be when it rains because much of the outdoor queue is covered and a lot of the queue is indoors, as is the ride. While the ride’s gift shop, Memento Mori, doesn’t connect to The Haunted Mansion (meaning you’ll have to encounter rain for a moment to get to it), it’s right nearby and good for quick coverage.

Disney Haunted Mansion ornament.

The shop is small, but there’s a decent amount to see, and everything is themed to The Haunted Mansion.

💡 Don’t rush through this shop — there are items here that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else on Walt Disney World property.

More Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom Spots in Liberty Square

The Liberty Square section of Disney theme parks for a perfect date night.

Still raining? Head to The Hall of Presidents. You can walk right into the building to kill time before the next show, and the waiting area has a lot of museum-like items to check out. The attraction itself runs for about 25 minutes, which is long enough for some of those flash Florida storms to pass.

Disney park ornaments of the Electrical Parade.

Not far from The Hall of Presidents is Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, too, where you can get holiday ornaments and decor year-round.

💡 Since Liberty Square is small, you can dash from place to place during a rainy day at Magic Kingdom and stay dry in an effort to salvage your romantic Disney trip.

Where To Eat in Liberty Square When It Rains

Your option for quick service in Liberty Square is Columbia Harbour House, which has a lot of seafood on the menu. Alternatives like chicken strips and a plant-based option are also served.

It’s a Small World

The queue for the It's a Small World Disney ride in the Magic Kingdom.

In general, Fantasyland isn’t a great place to get stuck in the rain at Magic Kingdom. Many of the queues are outdoors or exposed to the elements. The rides here are short, too, so you’ll only use up 90 seconds or so once you’re finally on.

The one exception to this rule is It’s a Small World, which has a well-covered queue even when the wait time is long. Plus, the ride is about 10 minutes.

Pro Tip: The queue length for It’s a Small World is usually low or a walk-on at night. Getting a boat all to yourself is one of the cutest Disney ride experiences you could have on a romantic Disney trip. 😍

More Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom Spots in Fantasyland

Casey Jr. in the Storybook Circus of New Fantasyland in Walt Disney World at the Magic Kingdom.

You don’t have to run out of Fantasyland at the first sight of dark clouds — while it’s not our favorite area to be trapped in during the rain, there are a few more options beyond It’s a Small World.

If you head over to what’s called New Fantasyland, you’ll come to the expanded part of the land with the Enchanted Forest and Storybook Circus. Neither place is ideal for a romantic Disney trip, but any port in a storm, literally, right?

The Little Mermaid ride during a rainy day at Magic Kingdom on a romantic Disney trip.
Tessa Edmiston / Unsplash

In the Enchanted Forest, Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid has a mostly-covered queue with a few cute interactive things to keep you busy. The ride itself is more than 6 minutes long, which is on the lengthy side for a Walt Disney World dark ride.

If you’re really desperate, walk a little further to Storybook Circus, the least-adult part of Magic Kingdom. Big Top Souvenirs (which closes kind of early, FYI) is a large souvenir shop that also has a few tables and chairs to sit at. Order one of your favorite Disney treats from the bakery counter and stay a while.

Romantic Disney trip-approved? Nope. Will you stay dry? Yup.

Where To Eat in Fantasyland When It Rains

If you’re ready for a meal, the quick-service spot here is Pinocchio Village Haus, with a decent amount of indoor seating. We have a love-hate relationship with it because it’s one of the few places you can get a salad in Magic Kingdom, but if it’s busy, you’ll wait 45 minutes for your order. You’ve been warned.

You can also hang out in Gaston’s Tavern, home of the non-alcoholic LeFou’s Brew that we love. It’s made with frozen apple juice, toasted marshmallow, and passion fruit-mango foam. Delish.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and Carousel of Progress

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Tomorrowland is one of the best places to get stuck during a rainy day at Magic Kingdom because it has several attractions and indoor shows with long run times.

PeopleMover is a 10-minute ride that gives you a unique view of Tomorrowland, plus glimpses of Cinderella Castle. The Carousel of Progress show is over 20 minutes, so you could walk out to a sunny sky that’s perfect for continuing your romantic Disney trip.

While the queues for PeopleMover and Carousel of Progress are mainly uncovered, they usually go fast, so you’ll be on the attraction quickly. Plus, these rides are classics, and any Disney fan puts them on their to-do list, rainy days or otherwise.

More Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom Spots in Tomorrowland

Ride vehicles at Space Mountain.

Need to spend more time safe from rainy weather? The line for Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor moves fast and is completely indoors, and the show is 10 minutes long.

Also, the queue for Space Mountain is indoors, though it’s pretty boring — queue up Disney trivia on your phone. But if inclement weather is in the forecast for the next few hours and you want to avoid it, standing on a long wait for Space Mountain will do the trick. Since the roller coaster is indoors, it won’t be affected by weather and will remain open.

Where To Eat in Tomorrowland When It Rains

Another reason why Tomorrowland is our winner for where to spend a rainy day at Magic Kingdom is because of the enormous Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. This is your basic burgers-and-fries quick-service eatery, but it’s huge and has tons of seating. We’ve been here when it’s completely flooded with people (no pun intended) during a thunderstorm, and we’ve still been able to get a seat.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

Details on the outside of the Tiki Room in Adventureland in Disney World.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room is another excellent option during a rainy day at Magic Kingdom. Plus, since it’s one of the oldest attractions in Disney World and aimed at more of an adult audience, it’s fitting for a romantic Disney trip.

The waiting area for the Tiki Room is outdoors but it’s covered, so unless you’re dealing with sideways rain, you’ll be fine.

More Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom Spots in Adventureland

In general, Adventureland is a decent place to be during a rainy day at Magic Kingdom. It’s narrow, so even if you have to cross pathways, you won’t be exposed to the elements for long.

Pirates of the Caribbean is an indoor ride with an open-air, covered queue that feels more indoors than outdoors. Plus, it empties into a big, covered gift shop that you could spend a lot of time in. There are also restrooms right there that you can get to without going outside.

Where To Eat in Adventureland When It Rains

Skipper Canteen romantic restaurant for a Disney date night.

It’s hard to get a table at a Disney restaurant last-minute when it’s raining because everyone else has the same idea. If Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen can’t seat you soon, the quick-service option in Adventureland is Tortuga Tavern, which is Pirates of the Caribbean-themed and located across from the ride.

Honorable Mention: Frontierland in the Rain

There’s not much going on in Frontierland right now with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure being built and Country Bear Jamboree undergoing renovations. Plus, Frontierland is wide and spread out, so it’s not ideal for dashing under cover when the sky opens up.

That said, if you end up here during an unexpected downpour, the quick-service spot Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe is one of our favorites in Magic Kingdom. The food’s good, there’s a lot of indoor seating, and the eatery has its own restrooms, so you don’t have to head back outside until you’re good and ready.

Enjoy Your Romantic Disney Trip and Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom!

Disney World is Disney World no matter the temperature or weather conditions. Making the most of a less-than-ideal forecast is par for the course in Florida. Walt didn’t pick the greatest state in terms of temperature, after all, and that annoying rainfall could mean that things will at least cool off for the rest of the day.

Never go to Disney World without packing a poncho, though! We have a roundup of the best rain gear for you.

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FAQ About Spending a Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom

What do you do at Magic Kingdom when it rains?

There’s a lot to do at Magic Kingdom during the rain, especially if you’re willing to head from land to land and get a little wet during the trek.

  • On Main Street, go to the shops and eat at one of the restaurants if there’s walk-up availability.
  • In Liberty Square, go to The Haunted Mansion and The Hall of Presidents. Memento Mori and Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe will provide coverage while you shop, too. Grab lunch at Columbia Harbour House.
  • In Fantasyland, ride It’s a Small World and Journey of the Little Mermaid. Duck into Big Top Souvenirs, or have a snack or lunch at Gaston’s Tavern or Pinocchio Village Haus.
  • In Tomorrowland, ride PeopleMover and Space Mountain, and go to the Carousel of Progress and Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor shows. Eat at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.
  • In Adventureland, watch the Enchanted Tiki Room show, ride Pirates of the Caribbean, and shop at the Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar. Have a meal at Tortuga Tavern or check if the Skipper Canteen has a table.

Which Disney park is best for a rainy day?

The Disney parks that are best for a rainy day are Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Both have a lot of out-of-the-rain options between indoor ride queues, indoor attractions with long showtimes, lots of indoor quick-service options, and plenty of shops to spend time in.

Epcot is more spread out than Magic Kingdom, so you won’t be able to pop into a shop, eatery or ride as quickly as you can in Magic Kingdom. If the forecast says it’s going to be pouring all day, you may be happier in Magic Kingdom. If the rain is going to be more sporadic or only light rain is expected, Epcot is a good option.

Get rainy day tips for all of Disney World here.

Do you get a refund if it rains at Walt Disney World?

No, Disney World doesn’t offer refunds if it rains. For the least possible chance of dealing with heavy rain at Disney World, avoid traveling during the hurricane season.

Note that if there’s a hurricane warning, you may be able to cancel certain reservations without a penalty. Learn more here.

Let’s say you know before you arrive at the park that it’s going to rain, and you don’t want to be stuck in rain at Magic Kingdom during your romantic Disney trip. You have a couple of options:

If you haven’t used any of your trip tickets yet, or if you have a one-day pass, you can save it for a future park day.

If you have begun using your trip’s park tickets, you can consider the rainy day a day off from the parks and go to one of the theme parks on another day during your trip. Consider resort hopping on the Monorail instead — no going outside necessary other than to board for the first time!

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