As someone who’s always on the hunt for Mickey Mouse kitchen accessories — particularly one that doesn’t scream “a child lives here!” (because we’re a kid-free Disney couple) — I was thrilled to find the JoyJolt hidden Mickey Disney coffee mug set.

The hidden Mickey Disney coffee mug set on Amazon.
Source: Amazon

The first time I saw these cups, they were small, sized for espresso instead of your morning coffee. There’s a larger version of them, though, and they’ve become my daily go-to coffee mug.

See the Disney coffee mug set and Disney espresso cups in action!

When I posted about them on Instagram, a few people messaged me with questions, so I’m going to give these unique Disney mugs the review they deserve. (Spoiler alert: I’m obsessed.)

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These Hidden Mickey Mugs Fit a Surprising Amount of Coffee and Cream

One of the Disney coffee mug set cups without coffee in it.
Source: Amazon

Since the Mickey cutout is smaller than the mug itself, you’d think that it can’t hold much liquid. But it has a 10-ounce capacity, which is larger than a small coffee mug, like one you’d get at a diner.

I like my coffee light, and I’m able to pour in the perfect amount of cream, top it off with coffee and have a cup of joe that won’t be gone after three sips. Some days, that’s all I need. Other days, I’ll fill it up four times. Either way, though, the cup holds an enjoyable amount of coffee.

It’s Easier To Drink From Than It Looks

With the three points of the Mickey head set a bit back from the cup lip, it could seem like this mug is difficult to drink out of. It’s not, though! As long as you drink from the bottom part of the head, you won’t notice a difference between drinking from these unique Disney mugs and regular coffee mugs.

What about if you’re left-handed? The bottom part of the head cutout is only conveniently placed if you’re using your right hand.

I’m ambidextrous, and I’m able to use this cup left-handed, too. The trick is to sip from one of the ears at the point that’s closest to the mug lip so the coffee doesn’t spill as you tip the cup.

Get these hidden Mickey mugs on Amazon.

They’re Microwave-Safe — But I Wouldn’t Chance It

According to the Amazon description, this mug is safe to use in the microwave, and it also says it’s made from double-walled glass.

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t feel like glass. Instead, it feels like thick plastic that’s heavier than regular plastic but lighter than glass. I’m not saying it’s not glass, just that it feels more like plastic.

I’d be nervous to put it in a microwave because I’d worry that it would get cloudy, kind of like how some Mickey Mouse kitchen accessories (and non-mouse accessories) could get ruined in a dishwasher.

However, as someone who likes their coffee hot enough to burn my tongue, I can say that even though this mug holds enough coffee to feel like a regular cup of coffee, it’s not so much that it’s going to cool down because you can’t drink it fast enough.

TL;DR — Microwaving isn’t necessary.

Should You Buy This Disney Coffee Mug Set?

Hidden Mickey JoyJolt coffee mugs with coffee in them.
Source: Amazon

We love ours, and I definitely recommend getting these. They’re cute, they’re functional and they’re a low-key way to show your love for all things Disney without an in-your-face Mickey Mouse graphic that looks childish.

You can get the JoyJolt hidden Mickey Disney coffee mug set on Amazon, and here’s the espresso cup set if that’s more your speed.

Oh, and if you’re a Dapper Dan fan, check out our mugs on Etsy!

Dapper Dan Disney coffee cups for grown ups.

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