Never went to the Disney College Program and don’t quite know why? Same. 😕 You can still steal the preppy Disney look straight out of university, though — personally, we think the collegiate aesthetic never goes out of style, no matter your age. (Kind of like the Disney theme parks themselves, eh?)

Let’s check out some of the best preppy Disney apparel items that’ll make you feel like you’re about to step onto the quad. Reminder, since this website is all about Disney couples, these items are for adults — as in, you won’t find apparel for kiddos here.

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Mickey is a Preppy Disney Star Student

If Mickey Mouse can’t get a 4.0 in preppy Disney studies, none of us can. We’re guessing the Mouse would’ve been everyone’s best pal in college while also making it to even early morning classes on time and achieving a perfect score on all of his finals. Walt would’ve been so proud. 🥹

4 Preppy Disney Items Featuring Mickey Mouse

This women’s racerback tank is perfect for a day at the Magic Kingdom when that Florida heat is relentless. The “28” refers to 1928, when Mickey Mouse made his debut in the short Plane Crazy.

Preppy Disney tank top.

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There’s also this unisex T-shirt featuring Mickey Mouse (and another nod to ’28), and it comes in 10 different colors. We’re into the simplicity of the black option, but there’s also light gray, pink, baby blue and more.

Preppy Disney Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

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As the big mouse on campus, Mickey sports a “WDW” sweater and proudly marches along on this collegiate Disney coffee mug. The “1971″ is a reference to when Walt Disney World opened (it was October 1st of that year) in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Preppy Disney coffee mug with Mickey Mouse.

Preppy Disney coffee mug with Mickey.

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The same Mickey also makes an appearance on this car magnet. Bonus: It can be easier to find your car in a Disney park’s parking lot with this guy on the back bumper. 💡

Mickey Mouse car magnet.

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Minnie Mouse’s Preppy Disney Outfits

You don’t think that Mickey would go to a different college from Minnie, do you? Never. Few things are sweeter than Minnie as a college cheerleader or wearing her letter sweaters (or sweatshirts). Try not to order all of these, k? You still need spending money for Disney World snacks or cocktails at Oga’s.

4 Preppy Disney Apparel Pieces Featuring Minnie Mouse

Play tennis? Don’t play tennis? No matter. This pink-on-gray Minnie Mouse pullover hoodie features our girl about to swing a racket and do…whatever successful tennis stars do. No idea. Buy it anyway.

Preppy Disney Minnie Mouse sweatshirt.

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If cheer squad is more your thing, Minnie does that, too. I mean, honestly. Is this one an overachiever or what? Goals.

Preppy Disney cheerleader sweatshirt with Minnie Mouse.

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Hoodies are extra cute when they’re cropped, and this pink one is adorned with all-things-college-student-Minnie, like a collegiate letter “M,” an on-theme pennant, a patch that pays honor to her signature bow, and more. (Note that this one is a juniors, so you’ll want to refer to the size chart.)

Preppy Disney cropped sweatshirt with Minnie Mouse.

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For a long-sleeve T-shirt style of the same design, check out this pine green V-neck. It also comes in purple, royal blue and maroon. (P.S. There’s also a racerback tank version of the shirt.)

Preppy Disney V-neck shirt.

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Preppy Disney Clothes From Monsters University

Is there a Pixar movie better fit for collegiate attire than Monsters University? Course not. (I’m known to sport the famous distressed blue hat myself, and not just when we’re in Disney World.)

Monsters University GIF with Mike wearing a blue hat.

These Monsters University items are all sorts of collegiate, and they range from “you can barely tell it’s Disney” to full of characters.

7 Preppy Disney Items From the Monsters University Bookstore

This vintage-style MU T-shirt has the university’s emblem on it — a cyclops, obvi. It comes in a bunch of colors, and we think the light blue is one of the nicest options.

Blue Monsters University t-shirt.

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We also love this pennant Monsters U tee that says “Established 1313” along the bottom of the design. (The Monstropolis-based university was founded in that year, BTW.) It comes in 10 colors, including Grass Green, like in the picture below.

Preppy Disney clothes with Monsters University design.

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To really drive the point home that MU has been around for over 700 years, this T-shirt proudly displays “Since 1313” across the “Monsters University” and “MU” design. Point taken.

Preppy Disney apparel with Monsters University design.

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Want something a little more cartoony? This Scare Student tee is perfect for a day at a Disney park, and we love the olive green color to complement Mike W.’s bright green self.

Monsters University college t-shirt.

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This Oozma Kappa sweatshirt comes in four colors, but we like the light gray the best. It features several Monsters University characters — ahem, I mean students — in an illustrated style that’s slightly different from the original, almost like an art student drew it. How meta.

Disney college sweatshirt.

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You can also go as simple as possible with this zip-up MU hoodie, which comes in heather gray and has “Monsters University,” along with the little “M” emblem, on the front in muted blue.

Preppy Disney Pixar zip-up hoodie in gray.

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Forgo the hood and the zipper for this crewneck style, which has “Monsters University” and the “M” cyclops graphic along the front in muted, distressed blue.

Preppy Disney crewneck sweatshirt.

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The Muppets Go To College

It can be hard to find Muppets gear even when you’re in Disney World, especially since the gift shop near Muppet Vision 3D in Hollywood Studios closed. We’re partial to traditional Kermit looking like his same ol’ self we’re used to. Check out these college-inspired Muppets items, and make sure to pack them for your next trip.

19 Disney World Packing List Items We Swear By

This Kermit The Frog pullover hoodie has “Since 1955” printed on it, which is the year when Muppet characters were seen for the very first time. They made their debut on Sam and Friends, and Kermit was a show regular.

Kermit The Frog hoodie.

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You can also get the same design on a phone case:

Kermit The Frog phone case.

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Even More Preppy Disney Apparel for a Collegiate Look

It’s cool if you rarely paid attention in chemistry (guilty 😳) because this is the only periodic table you need to memorize. Unless you’re, like, a scientist. In that case, the actual periodic table is probably more your speed and you should stop shopping for Disney apparel.

Pixar periodic table sweatshirt.

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If “we’re all mad here” isn’t a perfect sum-up of college, I don’t know what is. Show off your love for Alice’s second home with this Wonderland sweatshirt. The “1951” refers to the year the Disney film came out.

Preppy Disney sweatshirt from Alice in Wonderland.

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You can also spotlight your commitment to logical thinking with this Alice in Wonderland crewneck sweatshirt featuring Tweedledum and Tweedledee, who are, ironically, not logical in the slightest.

Alice in Wonderland sweatshirt.

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Anyone can be a princess in Walt Disney World. Why not get this Princess University tee for your next trip. We have heart eyes for the baby blue version, and it comes in five other colors, too, as well as sizes for men and women.

Princess University t-shirt.

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We love preppy Disney apparel that doesn’t scream “cartoon characters here!” This pullover hoodie is an allusion to Pixar’s Onward, and it’s the college that Ian and Barley’s dad, Wilden, attended. (I’m not crying, you’re crying.) Oh, and you can get the zip-up version or a T-shirt, too.

Preppy Disney apparel from Onward.

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If learning how to become a Wilderness Explorer is your idea of an A-plus elective course, you’ll want this T-shirt inspired by Up and featuring everyone’s favorite enormous bird thing, Kevin.

Wilderness Explorer t-shirt.

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Regardless of when (or if) you actually attended college, the collegiate style is for everyone. And we think it’s timeless, making anyone look great whether they’re 20 or they haven’t been 20 in 70 years.

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