This article talks about real Disney Pandora charms on Amazon and also discusses how you can buy genuine Pandora jewelry on Amazon.

Whoever thought Pandora charm bracelets would be here today, gone tomorrow has been proven wrong. The brand is still going strong, and now that it’s taken over sections of Walt Disney World clothing and accessories shops, adding to your Disney Pandora bracelet is a vacation must.

Once you’re back home, though, you can do some of your jewelry shopping from the comfort of your couch. While the in-store selection is going to be wider than what you’ll find online, Amazon does sell genuine Pandora Disney charms.

If there’s a gap you need to fill in your Pandora bracelet or if you’re looking for Disney couple gifts for your sweetheart, you may be able to have the perfect charm at your doorstep in just a few days.

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11 Best Disney Pandora Charms on Amazon

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something shiny or you’re shopping for Disney couple gifts, these genuine Pandora Disney charms will be hard to say “no” to. (So don’t!)

Disney Up Pandora Charm

This Disney Pandora charm from Up has colorful balloons attached to Carl’s beloved house. On the back side, it says, “Adventure is out there.”

Up Disney Pandora charms on Amazon.

See it here

Kissing Mickey and Minnie Pandora Charm

The best Disney couples gifts feature the ultimate Disney couple. This Pandora Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse charm shows them sneaking a smooch against a romantic red background while surrounded by hearts. 😍

Oh, and the back says “Love and Kisses.” Does it get cuter? It doesn’t.

Pandora Mickey Mouse kissing Minnie charm for a Disney couples gift.

See it here

Understated Mickey and Mickey Pandora Charm

Love Disney but don’t want to flaunt it? This subtle Pandora Mickey Mouse and Minnie charm has a hidden secret. From the front, it looks like a simple red heart with three silver heart details around it. But on the back, Minnie is giving Mickey a kiss.

Subtle Disney Pandora charm.

See it here

Jack and Sally Pandora Charm

Prefer your Pandora Disney charms on the emo side? If you’re after Nightmare Before Christmas Disney couple gifts, this Jack and Sally charm is killer, pun intended.

We love the added color to Sally’s design. Plus, on the back, it says, “True love never dies.” 💀

Jack and Sally Pandora charm for Disney couples gifts.

See it here

Mickey, Minnie and Hearts Charm

Can’t get enough of the cutie pie Mickey and Minnie Disney Pandora charms on Amazon? Here’s another one for your collection. This Pandora Mickey Mouse and Minnie charm has the duo standing against a large red heart while holding a smaller one. Teamwork!

Mickey and Minnie Pandora charm for Disney couples gifts.

See it here

Aladdin Pandora Charm

Veering away from our favorite mice for a minute, this Aladdin-inspired charm should be on your list of Disney couple gifts. It features the magic carpet that whisked away Aladdin and Jasmine so they could fall in love high above Agrabah. (You’re singing the song right now, aren’t you?)

Aladdin Pandora charm for Disney couples.

See it here

Rose Gold Cinderella Carriage Pandora Charm

Want to add a bit of color to your Pandora Disney charm collection? This rose gold charm is modeled after Cinderella’s carriage. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match metals on your charm bracelet — the beauty of Pandora bracelets is that each one is unique.

Cinderella Pandora charm.

See it here

Half-Frozen Pandora Disney Charm

We couldn’t resist adding this Frozen Disney charm to the list because it’s so clever. The blue crystal in the center is being taken over by icicles, a subtle nod to everyone’s favorite wintertime Disney film. And around the back, you’ll spot characters from the movie.

Disney Frozen Pandora charm.

Disney Frozen Pandora charm back.

See it here

Winnie the Pooh Pandora Charm

On the hunt for Disney couple gifts for a Winnie the Pooh fan? There are several Disney Pandora charms on Amazon featuring Winnie and his pals, and this gold-colored one is our top pick.

Winnie the Pooh Pandora charm.

See it here

Pandora Mickey Mouse Climbing Charm

Make your Pandora bracelet stand out with this climbing Mickey Mouse charm. There are two attachment points that go onto your bracelet and a pretty chain hangs down between them, with Mickey grasping on. Each attachment features a red stone heart, too.

Climbing Pandora Mickey Mouse charm.

See it here

Pandora Mickey Mouse Robot Charm

Trying to track down rare Disney couple gifts that your other half never saw before? This multicolored robot Mickey Mouse Pandora charm should do the trick! Take a second to appreciate the tail on the back, too. They think of everything.

Robot Mickey Mouse charm for Pandora bracelet.

Back of the Mickey Mouse robot Pandora charm.

See it here

Don’t Forget a Pandora Bracelet!

If you don’t yet have a Pandora bracelet — or you want one that’s more Disney than the basic design — you can get a Minnie Mouse Pandora bracelet on Amazon. The Minnie Mouse detail is like having an extra Pandora charm!

Minnie Mouse Pandora bracelet for Disney couple gifts.

Don’t think you need an actual Pandora bracelet for your charms? While you can hang Pandora Disney charms on any plain chain, Pandora bracelets have threading that perfectly matches the brand’s charms. Plus, your charms won’t accidentally slip off whenever you unclasp the bracelet.

P.S. There’s a Pandora bracelet that features the pumpkin coach from Cinderella, too.

Pandora bracelet with Cinderella pumpkin coach.

Are the Disney Pandora Charms on Amazon Real?

Yes, you can find real Pandora charms on Amazon. To do this, go to the Pandora store on Amazon and search the selection there.

The Pandora store on Amazon.

Otherwise, there are a lot of Pandora knock-offs that look so similar to the real thing that jeweljewelthey’re hard to tell apart.

Mickey Mouse charm.

However, many off-brand Pandora-like charms won’t be as high-quality as the original, and the beads may not fit your bracelet the same way. For example, they could be too loose on your Disney Pandora bracelet.

There are two ways to quickly spot fakes. First, the price is a good indicator of whether or not you’re looking at real Pandora Disney charms. If the cost is too good to be true — $14.99, for example — it’s most likely fake. For example, the charm below is $13.99.

Mickey Mouse charm for bracelet.

Second, the Amazon product description may say something like “compatible for Disney Pandora bracelet.” Most of the time, this means that it’s not a Pandora charm but that it will fit on your Pandora bracelet. For example, the Nightmare Before Christmas charm set below says “compatible with Pandora” in the description.

Set of Nightmare Before Christmas jewelry charms.

Have Fun Shopping for Disney Couple Gifts From Pandora!

Have so much fun shopping for your Disney Pandora charms on Amazon. And next time you’re in Walt Disney World, stop by one of the shops counters, like the ones in Disney Springs and Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom.

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