Our household of two Disney adults can’t seem to get enough on-theme, adorable mugs, so when we spotted the Disney espresso cup set from JoyJolt on Amazon, how could we resist?

We love these Mickey Mouse espresso cups (and Pluto too!) so much that we use them for way more than just espresso.

Let’s get into everything we love — and one thing we don’t — about the happiest coffee cups you could ask for.

Mickey Mouse espresso cups from JoyJolt box next to an espresso machine.

P.S. I also reviewed the Hidden Mickey clear coffee cups set from JoyJolt. You can find that here.

Want to see the Disney espresso cup set and Disney Mickey Mouse 3D mugs in action? Check out my Instagram video.

The Mickey Mouse Espresso Cups Are Extra-Large

Disney Mickey Mouse and Pluto espresso cup set of 2.

Each Mickey Mouse and Pluto espresso cup is larger than a proper espresso cup at 5.4 ounces — and we’re fine with that.

We like a long-pull espresso, and sometimes our smaller espresso cups fill up too fast, which makes it stronger than we want.

On top of using them to brew espresso, we also find them perfect for taste-testing beer, wine or a cocktail; having a small amount of water when we just need a few sips; or even holding our snacks.

The Handle Is a Nice Addition to Disney Espresso Cups

Most Disney espresso cups that you use for brewing don’t have a handle, but these do. That makes them more convenient than non-handle espresso cups, especially if you’re going to drink the espresso straight from them.

Set of 2 double walled espresso cups without handles.

The handle also makes it more appealing to use the Mickey Mouse espresso cups for non-espresso indulging.

Each Espresso Cup Features Mickey and Pluto

JoyJolt Mickey Mouse espresso cups in front of the box.

When we first ordered the Disney Mickey Mouse and Pluto espresso cups, we assumed that one featured Mickey and the other featured Pluto.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that each espresso cup had one of each character. Mickey is on one side and Pluto is across from him. You never have to choose. 😅

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They’re a Bit Large for an Espresso Machine

The one drawback of these Mickey Mouse espresso cups is that they’re a tad too big for an espresso machine (or, at least our espresso machine). You can see what I mean in this video.

This isn’t a huge deal, but it does make them tricky to use for brewing. You can always order these smaller Mickey and Minnie 3D Disney espresso cups for brewing and save the handled ones for sipping.

Final Thoughts About the JoyJolt Disney Espresso Cup Set

Ultimately, we love having the JoyJolt Mickey Mouse espresso cups, even if we don’t get as much use out of them as the JoyJolt Disney coffee cups with a hidden 3D Mickey.

Disney Mickey Mouse 3D JoyJolt Disney coffee cups set of 2.

The espresso cup set can be used for much more than brewing and sipping coffee, and they’re so cute that we prefer leaving them out most of the time. They’re not overpriced, either, since you can get the set on Amazon for under $22.

Final word on the Mickey Mouse espresso cups? Buy them!

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Dapper Dan Disney coffee cups for grown ups.

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