This article suggests 3 must-have phone accessories for Disney World to make your couples trip more convenient and enjoyable.

Like it or not, you (almost) can’t get through a Disney park day without your phone.

And unless you want to be like the unhappy woman I met at the WDW Railroad station, who had found an outlet and was impatiently waiting for her phone to charge โ€” “I can’t see us coming back any time soon” โ€” you’ll need to head into the park prepared.

There areย lots of packing items to add to your list. But when it comes to tech gear, we like to keep it simple. Here are the 3 phone accessories for Disney World to prioritize.

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3 Phones Accessories for Disney World You Don’t Want To Skip

Obviously, you need your phone, and it’s smart to start the day with it fully charged. Also, turn off any unneeded background activity to preserve battery life as much as possible.

Here are the phone accessories for Disney World we never head into a park without.

Charging Cable

Two Star Wars Lego pieces holding an iPhone cable.

Even if you forget to bring the next two items on our list, don’t skip this one. There are places where you can charge your phone throughout Disney World, so you want this in your park bag, period.

๐Ÿ™„ Your phone’s battery life is going to get used up fast on a Disney park day. Between taking pictures and videos, making restaurant and Lightning Lane reservations, and checking the My Disney Experience app for ride times, directions, etc., you may be down to zero by midday.

Brand-manufactured chargers are always the safest choice. Off-brand, non-certified chargers may work slow, overheat or even make your phone go haywire (this has happened to me several times).

If you have an iPhone, you may be OK with an MFi-certified charger, which means Apple has certified it to work with its products.

This 3-pack of 10-foot, MFi-certified chargers lets you stash one everywhere you need it โ€” in your car, hotel room and Disney park bag. Plus, the set has over 5,200 4.5-star ratings on Amazon.Phone accessories for Disney World to keep your iPhone charged.

See the pack here.

Portable Power Bank

Yes, you can buy small power banks in Disney World, but we prefer to bring our own.ย We’re partial to Mophie, and this is the current version of the power bank we use: Mophie Powerstation XL Power Bank.

Mophie power bank for Disney World park days.

It’s more powerful than the ones you’ll get in Disney World, so you don’t have to worry about recharging the power bank throughout the day. It also has multiple ports to charge more than one device at a time.

๐Ÿ™Œ You’ll use it throughout your whole trip, too, including while driving and even back at the hotel room.

Bonus: It’s super durable. We’ve dropped our power bank a number of times, and other than a slight scuff, nothing has happened to it.

Charge it fully before heading into the park, then stash it in your bag, along with a charging cable or two.

Get it here.

Phone Lanyard

I never go to Disney World without my phone lanyard, and people often stop to ask where I got it. Stretchy straps stay put around the corners of your phone to keep it in place without covering up too much of the screen. It’s compatible with your phone case, too.

iPhone lanyard for Disney park days.You can wear it around your neck, wrap it around your wrist a few times, or put it in a side pocket of your backpack and loop the lanyard around a strap to protect your phone in case it slips out.

See it here.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! For all of the time that Disney requires you to spend on your phone, we don’t like to overdo it when it comes to additional phone accessories for Disney World park days. Limit what you bring into the park, focusing on the items that will add convenience instead of simply making your backpack heavier to carry around.

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