No matter how long you’re on your vacation — the full 10-day park ticket, an entire month (we did it!) or even if you live next door (jealous) — you will never, never, see everything at Disney World there is to see there.

🚫 I don’t care what kind of efficient park strategy you’ve devised or how well you know the secret cut-throughs in each Disney theme park to get where you’re going faster.

🚫 I don’t care how much of a Genie Plus expert you are and if you purposely skip meals to fit in more rides.

🚫 I don’t care if you’ve trained with daily 10-mile walks so you can go from park opening to park closing without feeling like your feet are broken.

It’s not going to happen. Ever.

And that’s a good thing. Actually, it’s one of the best things about Disney parks. You can’t do it all in one shot, no matter how hard you try, which makes each and every visit special and different.

Mickey and Minnie characters at a Disney park.

Disney World simply has too much to experience in one trip. That’s part of its magic. Let’s talk more about it!

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Disney World Is Enormous

Map of Walt Disney World.

The entire Walt Disney Resort takes up 43 square miles, which is over 27,500 acres. Within the Walt Disney World resort are four theme parks, plus water parks, Disney Springs and several resorts, and that’s only if we’re talking about the main visitor areas.

The four main theme parks are very large on their own, too:

🏰 Magic Kingdom is 107 acres.
🪩 Epcot is 300 acres.
🎬 Hollywood Studios is 135 acres.
🌳 Animal Kingdom is 580 acres.

That’s a lot of ground to cover during a single Disney trip. And those grounds are packed in with fun. So much fun that it could become a nightmare if you try to have all that fun.

Trial Run: Doing Everything at Magic Kingdom In One Trip

The Partners Statue, part of what to see when doing everything at Disney World.

Let’s talk about visiting the smallest theme park, Magic Kingdom. This is a good experiment because if you can’t see everything here during a single Disney World trip, you probably can’t see everything at the other parks, either.

If you look at the My Disney Experience app, there are around 30 rides and ride-like attractions at Magic Kingdom. Of those, many of them are super popular, which means they have long waits.

Some Disney World rides don’t have a traditional standby queue at all. For example, TRON Lightcycle / Run requires you to either get on a Virtual Queue or purchase an Individual Lightning Lane. Neither one guarantees a short wait, though Lightning Lanes and Individual Lightning Lanes are (usually) shorter than regular standby times.

Your Guide to Virtual Queue vs. Lightning Lane Options at Walt Disney World

Tron Individual Lightning Lane pricing to factor into a Disney World daily budget.

The average wait time at Magic Kingdom is about 30 minutes, and the average ride length is around 7 minutes. That’s about 18 hours of waiting on lines and experiencing rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom. That doesn’t include:

  • Cavalcades and parades
  • Character meet-and-greets
  • The nighttime fireworks show
  • Performances by the Dapper Dans

On top of that, a Disney park day has to factor in time spent walking, bathroom breaks, snacks and meals, dealing with the My Disney Experience app, shopping and — you know — enjoying your surroundings.

Magic Kingdom’s longest days go from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., which is 15 hours. If you had two or more Magic Kingdom days on your Disney trip, you could, theoretically, do all of the rides and attractions (if they’re all available) and have 12 hours left to do everything else.

But here’s the thing: You only have that much time to play with on Magic Kingdom’s longest days, which are also its busiest days (Friday to Sunday). So what you gain in extra time you lose in contending with crowds and longer waits. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Can Lightning Lanes Help You Do Everything at Disney World?

My Disney Experience walk-through for booking Lightning Lanes at Disney World.

Help? Yes. Guarantee? No.

Lightning Lanes and Individual Lightning Lanes are helpful for getting on the rides you’re interested in without waiting on the longer standby queues. But they aren’t a surefire way to do everything at Disney World. Here’s why:

  • Lightning Lanes and Individual Lightning Lanes are only offered for select experiences.
  • Lightning Lanes and Individual Lightning Lanes can run out and become unavailable.
  • There’s still a wait on the LL and ILL lines, it’s just typically shorter than the standby queue wait.
  • You can only book Lightning Lanes every two hours, which limits how many you can book per day.

That said, there are definitely ways to make the most of Genie Plus. Check out these Disney Genie+ tips.

Final Thoughts About Trying To Do Everything at Disney World

Not to get all woo-woo about it, but every time you say “yes” to one thing, you say “no” to something else. That principle can be applied to your Disney trip. Trying to do everything means missing out on a lot of other vacation experiences, like:

✨ Appreciating your surroundings. Disney park design is incredible, and you’ll only notice the details if you don’t rush.

✨ Having little romantic moments between the two of you. This is Disney for Couples, after all, and we support (appropriate) signs of affection throughout your park day. It’s impossible to pay attention to each other if you’re scrambling to meet do-it-all targets.

✨ Discovering what you really love about Disney. Without the mental space to soak it all in, how do you know which aspects of the parks you like the most?

Frankly, you deserve better from your Disney vacation. And since you just alleviated all that pressure, here’s how to have the most romantic Disney date night ever.