This article answers the question, “Are MagicBands waterproof?” to help you plan your Disney for couples trip.

If you’ve been to Disney World between 2013 and now, chances are you’ve seen those chunky watch-looking tech devices that people wear around their wrists.

Those devices are Disney MagicBands, and they provide a convenient way to get onto rides and perform other tasks around Walt Disney World.

Jungle Cruise MagicBand for Disney for couples trips.

Since Disney-goers wear them all day long, though, including on water rides, in rain storms and back at the hotel when swimming in the pool, the question, “Are MagicBands waterproof?” is a common one.

What Are Disney MagicBands?

Disney World MagicBand skin.Disney MagicBands are watch-like wrist devices that link to your Disney vacation credentials, like your park tickets, PhotoPass photos, and resort room.

With a Disney MagicBand, you can gain entry into a theme park, enter a Lightning Lane (assuming you have a reservation), open your hotel room door and more. You can also use it to pay for drinks and merchandise.

Disney sticker.

Check out our MagicBand scanner sticker here — it’s waterproof, too!

What Is the Disney MagicBand+?

Orange Bird MagicBand+ for your Disney couples vacation.
Source: Disney Store

The MagicBand+ is a newer, more advanced version of the original MagicBand (with a higher price tag to match).

The biggest benefit of getting a MagicBand+ if you’re a regular Disney park attendee is that they’re rechargeable — in contrast, a regular MagicBand is not rechargeable and has a lifespan of about two years.

Additionally, the MagicBand+ can be customized with colors and vibrations, and it comes alive to coincide with nighttime fireworks celebrations. Plus, the MagicBand+ can be used for interactive activites around the park, when they’re available.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet golden statue at Disney World.

Are MagicBands Waterproof?

With so much to depend on a MagicBand for, you won’t want to remove it to hop on a ride where you get wet, walk through the rain or cool off in a pool.

Everything You Need to Know About Going to Disney World in the Rain

Luckily, MagicBands are waterproof, including being submerged while swimming. The MagicBand+ is waterproof and can be worn in the pool, too, despite some confusion about that.

That means you can wear your MagicBand or MagicBand+ in the following scenarios:

  • On a ride that has some splashing, like Pirates of the Caribbean
  • On a ride with lots of water exposure, like Kali River Rapids
  • At a Disney waterpark
  • In a heavy downpour
  • While swimming at a waterpark or at your Disney resort

Now, not everyone will be comfortable wearing a MagicBand — we sometimes keep ours in a backpack if we won’t be using it much — but it’s good to know you don’t have to worry if it gets wet.

Do You Need a Disney MagicBand?

Two Disney MagicBands with the vinyl Disney sticker.

We’ve gone to Disney World with and without our MagicBands, and whether or not you need one depends on your plans for the day.

✅ If you’re going to be park hopping, using Lightning Lane, and buying a lot of items in the park, then having your MagicBand on your wrist is the most convenient option.

🚫 Otherwise, you may not want the band snug against your skin on a warm day, and I also don’t like wearing my MagicBand if I’m also wearing my Fitbit (there’s a solution for that in a moment, though).

Staying Cool at Disney World: Everything You Need To Know

Your MagicBand Alternative Option

In the event that you want to forgo it, you can either keep it in a pocket or bag while you’re in the park, or you can use your phone and a regular plastic ticket instead (it’s the size and shape of a credit card).

When you get to the park and scan in with your phone, the cast member will print out a card for you right there that you can use for the rest of your time at Disney World.

3 Clever MagicBand Accessories for a Better Disney Park Day

MagicBands aren’t the most comfortable or convenient accessories on a Disney park day. These three accessories make them easier to take along with you.

1. MagicBand Strap Protectors

It’s possible that your MagicBand will pop off your wrist, and they’re light enough to barely notice it go missing.

These MagicBand protectors are worth the cheap price tag because they’ll keep your MagicBand on your wrist even if it pops open.

The pack of 8 comes in multiple colors, so you can coordinate with your MagicBand or OOTD.

MagicBand wrist protectors.

See them here.

2. Smartwatch Adapter for Your MagicBand

I like to wear my Fitbit in Disney World to set Lightning Lane alarms and marvel at how many steps I walk each day. But in the Florida heat, wearing a smartwatch and a MagicBand is a pain.

This smartwatch adapter lets you wear your MagicBand face right on your watch strap to solve the problem.

Smartwatch adapter for MagicBand.See it here.

3. MagicBand Wraps

Sick of the look of your MagicBand but don’t want to pay a bunch of money for another design? There are tons of MagicBand skins on Amazon that let you change up the look of your MB for about $10.

Mickey Mouse decal for MagicBand.

See the Mickey Mouse MagicBand decal here.

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