Think you can figure out a way to do everything possible during one Disney couples trip?

You can’t.

We don’t say that to be a buzzkill. Part of the magic of Disney parks is that they’re always evolving. Walt wanted it that way.

Walt Disney and a Disney quote.

Here are five reasons why you simply can’t do everything at Disney World during a single vacation (or even during a lifetime).

1. There’s too much to see, hard stop.

Ride in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

There are so, so many things to do, see, ride, eat and experience at Disney World, even just within its four main theme parks, that you couldn’t possibly fit it all into one Disney couples trip, even if you were there for weeks. (We’ve tried.)

2. There’s always something that’s closed.

The outside of the Chinese Theatre in Disney World.

Whether a ride is down for the day or an attraction is undergoing an extended renovation, there’s always something that’s closed in Disney World at any given time. Even with the strictest strategizing, you can’t get over the hump of attractions simply being unavailable.

Plus, when it comes to Virtual Queue rides (the ones that don’t have standard standby lines), they may be fully booked even if they’re up and running. In that case, there won’t be an option to ride.

3. New attractions and experiences are being added all the time.

The canopy over the Tron ride at Disney World during a Disney for couples vacation.

Current attractions often undergo updates, and new rides, attractions, eateries and more are always being added. Even if you were able to do everything in a single Disney couples trip, you’d undoubtedly get home and learn about something new in the parks that was just opened or announced.

It’s happened to us many times. It’s why we can’t get through a season without returning. 💁🏻‍♀️

4. Many events are seasonal, and you’ll always miss something on a Disney couples trip.

Topiaries at the Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot during a Disney couples trip.

Every season sees something new at Walt Disney World, like Halloween parties at Magic Kingdom and revolving festivals at Epcot. Unless you live in Florida, it’s extremely difficult to make it back for every single seasonal happening.

Plus, some of the seasonal events are added to as the weeks go on. For example, Epcot festivals will get new food stands partway into an event. You’d not only have to be present for each and every seasonal happening but also for the full run of each one to truly experience every detail.

5. You probably don’t want to do and see everything available.

Buzz Lightyear outside a ride at Hollywood Studios in Disney World.

Let’s say you make it work — you’re at each Disney park from open to close, you’re a whiz at the My Disney Experience app, you’ve paid for the convenience of Lightning Lanes and Individual Lightning Lanes, and you somehow have the time and energy to do it all, everywhere.

Slow down. Think. Do you even want to do everything there is to do? Probably not.

I can’t think of a less fun way to spend a Disney couples trip. Don’t force yourself to squeeze more into a day than you’ll enjoy for the sake of saying, “I did it all!” Who needs bragging rights when they come at such a high cost?

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