This Mickey Mouse stickers roundup features unique stickers for Disney adults that you can buy on Etsy.

On the hunt for rare stickers for Disney adults you haven’t seen anywhere else? You’re totally in the right place. 🙌

We’ve rounded up 7 magical Mickey Mouse stickers (and a few extra Disney parks-inspired products) that are brand new to Etsy.

📣 Act fast! These stickers are only $3 with free shipping for a limited time.

Sticker Features:

  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Resistant to fading and scratches
  • Made with durable, premium vinyl
  • Easy-to-apply and reposition before it sets
  • Some designs use eco-friendly ink

🥳 Oh, and one more thing: Every order comes with a free surprise.

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Disney Skyliner Mickey Mouse Stickers

Disney skyliner Mickey Mouse stickers for Disney adults.

This purple skyliner Disney sticker pays tribute to the newest mode of transportation at Disney World. Plus, it features a small hidden Mickey on the bottom-right.

See it on Etsy

Hidden Mickey Coffee Cup Sticker

Hidden Mickey Mouse stickers featuring a coffee cup.

These Mickey Mouse stickers are inspired by the hidden Mickey coffee mugs from JoyJolt (they’re adorablesee them here). Us coffee lovers can’t get enough, even if we have to take it in vinyl sticker form at times.

See the sticker on Etsy

☕️ Read the Hidden Mickey Disney Coffee Mug Set Review here

MGM Water Tower 90s Disney Sticker

MGM water tower Mickey Mouse stickers for Disney adults and 90s Disney fans.

Longtime Disney World fans most definitely remember the days when Hollywood Studios was called MGM and the cuter-than-cute Mickey ears water tower was the park icon. It may be long gone, but it can live on your planner, laptop, water bottle or hard luggage forever thanks to these Mickey Mouse stickers for Disney adults.

See the MGM sticker on Etsy

(P.S. We have the design on a journal, too. Use it for your Disney trip planning.)

Mickey Candle Sticker to Bring Disney Home

Mickey Mouse candle stickers for Disney adults who love Disney home items.

This Disney sticker features a candle that’s burning bright (maybe with it’s love for all things Disney?) and two yellow Mickey silhouettes on the front. Bonus: You won’t accidentally set your home on fire because, you know, it’s a sticker.

See it here

Mickey Margarita Sticker — Cheers!

Mickey Mouse stickers featuring a Mickey margarita.

Nothing says, “I’m (going) on vacation like a margarita,” am I right? This Mickey Mouse sticker features a perfect-for-Disney-World margarita topped with a Mickey-shaped lime, of course.

See it here

✨ Going to Disneyland or Disney World soon? This convenient, high-quality wristlet features the Mickey margarita design and is on-theme for your drinking-around-the-world excursion in Epcot.

🌎 We also have a journal inspired by date night at the World Showcase. Just sayin.

Mickey Mouse Stickers for Pina Colada Superfans

Pina colada Mickey Mouse stickers for Disney adults.

Prefer coconut to lime? Then you need these pina colada Mickey Mouse stickers for the hottest of hot days in Florida. Hint: The cherries are the hidden Mickeys. Swoon.

See it here

🤗 Hey guess what? We also have this design bundled with our other Disney-inspired cocktail stickers. Plus, you’ll save by ordering the set. See it here.

MagicBand Scanner Stickers for Disney Adults

Mickey Mouse stickers for Disney adults featuring the Magic Kingdom MagicBand scanner in gold.

Okay, so these Mickey Mouse stickers may not gain you entry into Magic Kingdom, but when you’re back home from your trip and you’re suffering the Disney blues, it can be a little reminder of your home away from home. Also, we don’t judge you if you pretend-scan your MagicBand just for old time’s sake.

See it here

Bonus Product: Purple Converse Hidden Mickey Wristlet

Do you have a Disney trip coming up? Lucky duck. 😃

Wearing a wristlet on your park day instead of lugging around a huge backpack is the way to go. Pack light, leave souvenirs in a locker and enjoy your time at Disneyland or Disney World carrying a light load.

Purple converse Mickey Mouse wristlet for women.

This Disney wristlet features a purple Converse sneaker with a not-so-hidden Mickey on it. Get it here.

Love these items? You can see the full collection here. Check back often — new designs are uploaded weekly!

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