This article talks about the different experiences of visiting Disney Springs in the day or at night.

Disney Springs can feel like a 5th Disney park, especially for us adult couples who love shopping, dining and nightlife as much as rides, fireworks and the Dapper Dans.

Mike and I have been Disney Springs stans since our Covid-era trip. We’d watched a lot of Tim Tracker’s videos, and many of them were spent at Disney Springs because it opened while the theme parks were still temporarily closed.

Transparent vinyl Disney sticker featuring the blue helium balloon at Disney Springs.
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We almost always have dinner at Disney Springs on our first night of a romantic couples trip, and it’s also common for us to pop by before leaving Florida for last-minute souvenirs and bags of Mickey’s Really Swell Coffee.

Visiting Disney Springs in the day or at night means having a different type of experience. Here’s what to expect.

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Should You Go to Disney Springs in the Day or at Night?

No matter when you go to Disney Springs — or why you’re going there — it’s free to park and get in. You’ll never have to pay for parking or entry into Disney Springs, even if you’re going to see live music, heading to the Cirque du Soleil show, hopping on a Disney bus to visit a resort, etc.

(To be clear, you have to get tickets for the Cirque du Soleil show, but there’s no charge to park. Live music at Disney Springs is free if it’s on an outdoor stage or in another open-air section; some of the bars and restaurants have music indoors that you need to be a patron to experience.)

Now, let’s get a feel for Disney Springs in the morning and daytime vs. the nighttime to decide which is right for you. Personally, we love going at all different times, depending on what we’re in the mood for.

Disney Springs During the Day

One of our favorite Disney Springs memories is heading over in the morning to get donuts from Everglazed and spending a few more hours there than we intended to roam around, shop and generally enjoy the area without tons of people. We left when it started to get extra hot, fresh donuts in hand.

Here’s what it’s like to be in Disney Springs when the sun’s still up, whether that’s the morning or afternoon.

It’s much less crowded.

Walking around Disney Springs during the day is so chill and laidback compared to the evening. Yes, there are still plenty of people here, but the crowd levels are much lower than in the evening.

Disney Springs has a few bottlenecks that tend to get extra jammed up at night, and being able to manuever freely during the day is one of the top reasons we like to head there early.

There are shorter waits for eateries and shops.

The food stands, quick-service eateries and restaurants at Disney Springs can get packed in the evening.

Whether you’re trying to get one of the best cookies in the world from Gideon’s, a cocktail from Dockside Margaritas (you’re on vacation, drink whenever you want) or a table at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, it’s a lot easier to do it during the day. You may not even have to wait at all.

Disney sticker featuring a Mickey margarita.
Click the image to see this Disney sticker on Etsy.

Even some of the stores can be easier to get into. Depending on how many people show up, shops like The LEGO Store may have a line to wait in until an employee says you can go in. During the day, this is less likely as there are generally fewer people at Disney Springs overall.

You can see more details.

A view at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Disney Springs is pretty easy to navigate at night, but during the day, you can see a lot more when it comes to the setting and smaller details you’ll appreciate. For example, there’s more visibility when looking across the lake during the day, and you can stop to appreciate some of the details as you walk around the different sections of Disney Springs.

Disney Springs at Night

If Disney Springs is mellow during the day, it’s only because it’s resting up to come alive at night. Whether you make a full date night of it or head in for an hour or so, here’s what Disney Springs is like after dark.

There’s a fun nightlife vibe.

Blue cocktail Disney sticker inspired by The Boathouse.
Click the image to see this Boathouse-inspired Disney sticker on Etsy.

Disney Springs isn’t a glorified mall, though it gets a bad rap as one. There’s a lot to do here, including live music, bars and restaurants, bowling, movies, art, and specialty activities like taking the helium balloon far, far above land.

While shopping can definitely be a big part of your night out, this is a bonafide entertainment district with plenty to keep you busy.

You can listen to live music and entertainment.

While there might be a bit of music here and there in the daytime, you’re guaranteed to see several bands playing throughout Disney Springs at night.

There’s a large stage in front of the World of Disney store and another prominent stage near The Boathouse restaurant. There are also often performers by the movie theater, in front of Raglan Road and randomly placed around Disney Springs, as well as inside restaurants for diners to enjoy.

It’s easier to indulge when it’s not hot and sunny.

Dockside Margaritas at Disney Springs.

Disney World gets hot. Like, unforgivingly, maddeningly hot. Disney Springs has a lot of stores with AC to pop into to cool off, but it’s also a large area, and walking around takes a long time.

What we like most about going to Disney Springs once the sun has set (and anywhere in Disney World besides a pool, for that matter) is that you’re not at the whim of the blaring sun and relentless humidity.

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It’s a lot easier to eat, drink, stroll and take in your surroundings when you’re not contending with potential heat stroke and dehydration.

Wrapping Up

Going to Disney Springs in the daytime or at night depends on what you want out of your time there.

☀️ If you have plans in the evening to go into a theme park or have dinner at a Disney resort, you may want to visit Disney Springs for coffee and to get that souvenir you spotted earlier in the week.

🌚 If you have a complete day off, you may want to hang around the hotel for the day and then get dressed up for a Disney Springs date night in the evening.

Knowing what Disney Springs does best at different times of the day can help you have the best experience possible while there.

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