This Disney workout playlist article includes song suggestions and links to Spotify so you can easily follow along.

Mike and I get the Disney blues hard. For example, right now, we’ve only been home from our last Disney World couple trip for about 3 weeks, and we’re already moping around, talking about the different areas of WDW we miss and whining that we won’t be in Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival.

Sleeping Beauty on a bed, crying.
Literally me every morning.

We’ve also committed the cardinal sin of Disney addicts by not yet booking our next trip, so frankly, we only have ourselves to blame for being so down about it all.

💡 Budding Disney superfans, listen up: Your next Disney trip should always be made before you leave the trip you’re currently on. That’s the only way to overcome Disney depression. Dispression, if you will.

Until we’re ready to figure out where and when we’re going next (Disneyland is at the top of the list, at the moment 🤗), we have to find other ways to bring the magic of the parks home. And since few things get me as embarrassingly energetic — like “kid who just inhaled all of their Halloween candy” energetic — as Disney music, I recently created my own Disney workout playlist. A genius plan, if you ask me:

✨ Listening to Disney music, particularly during a workout, makes me feel like I’m back at Walt Disney World with all of the songs that are pumped through speakers wherever you walk.

✨ It also reminds me of the physical shape you have to be in to survive a day in a Disney park without feeling like you were hit by a truck come nighttime. I’m still in “everything hurts and my feet are broken” territory, but I’m undergoing a sort of Disney parks training, so I have high hopes for the future.

Disney workout playlist on Spotify.

I wasn’t into the other Disney playlists that were out there, even the workout-focused ones, and as much as I love the Disney-themed Peloton classes that are available, sometimes you just want to listen to exactly what you want to listen to and that’s it. 💁🏻‍♀️

Right now, my thing is to put a Peloton Power Zone Endurance ride on silent so I can keep up with the class plan (there’s a bar at the bottom of the screen that you can follow instead of the instructor’s call-out cues) and listen to my Disney workout playlist as I cycle.

It’s wild what music can do to a workout, guys. The right song can make or break your energy, mood and calorie burn.

I realize that I sound like a person who just discovered music, but seriously, seeing my calorie burn go up by 100 only because I’m so crazy about what I’m listening to that I’m pedaling harder is the best.

Mickey on a bike chasing Minnie.

Everything I have on my Disney workout playlist is high-energy, with the exception of Never Enough from The Greatest Showman (right, not Disney, back to that in a sec) because that song is just SO GOOD that it gives me energy even though it’s on the slow side.

🙃 Circling back to the Disney workout playlist with non-Disney songs thing: I tacked on a few extra tracks that felt Disney-esque even if The Mouse isn’t behind them. Selections from The Greatest Showman, Mama Mia! and Hairspray pop up, and if you can keep yourself from dancing around during You Can’t Stop the Beat, then you may need to check that you’re human.

Handpicked tracks from Tangled (are you also a renewed Mandy Moore fan after seeing her in Dr. Death???) are on there as well, along with Gaston from the live-action Beauty and the Beast, the original Poor Unfortunate Souls, Surface Pressure and You’re Welcome. I mean, obviously to all of the above, right?

Gaston juggling eggs.

Somehow, Be Our Guest didn’t make it on there, but that may be because I’ve sung it so much I made myself sick of it.

🐸 Also, practically the whole The Princess and the Frog soundtrack is on the playlist because that’s hands-down the Disney movie with the greatest music ever.

I heard Dig a Little Deeper for the first time ever while walking around the World Showcase as Harmonious was being shown, and I remember saying to Mike, “What. Is that. Song?!?!” I fell in love, and I basically listen to the entire soundtrack multiple times over whenever I work on Disney for Couples stuff. Like, multiple times. It’s kind of weird how many times in a row I can listen to all those songs.

😏 Also, unpopular opinion alert, but I loved Harmonious and totally miss it. I said it.

Right now, the Disney workout playlist on Spotify is a little over an hour long. I’ll be adding to it as time goes on, too, so if you follow it, you’ll always have the up-to-date version.

Check out the playlist here.