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The white noise I use every day while working is a loop of sounds from Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

Children laughing (and screaming), parents making plans (and yelling), the joyful music Disney pumps out, random clanks.

I know Main Street so well that, when I listen to that track, it seems like I can smell it, especially that sugary air that wraps around you as you pass by the Confectionery.

To say that I “love” Disney is an understatement.

I eat, sleep and breathe it, literally. My favorite cookbook is Entertaining with Disney. My slippers are Minnie Mouse shoes. I own several goodies from the Magic Candle Company. Disney decor brightens every room at home, Mickey Mouse sweatshirts hang in the closet, Disney albums regularly join the record collection…

When I was a kid and a teenager, our almost-annual family vacation was always to Disney World. And when I met my boyfriend, one of the first ways we bonded was over our love of Disney — the parks, specifically. We average 1.5 trips per year, which is still not quite enough for us.

Us at The Plaza in the Magic Kingdom

When we’re not in Disney World, we’re planning our next trip and devouring everything we can on YouTube about Disney news, Disney theories, Disney ride breakdowns…

We both know the parks well, and we each have our strong suits.

I can get us to and from any place in Hollywood Studios (which I still affectionately call “MGM”), and I know which shops have what (and the ones to skip). Mike knows a lot about Disney history, and he always pays extra-close attention to how queues and ceilings are designed. “Look up” is one of his favorite things to say while we wait.

As two super-fans, we’re always looking for more advice and insider knowledge to enrich our experience. Which is why, before our trip in October 2022, it was disappointing to try deep-diving into “Disney tips for couples” and find practically nothing.

There’s a lot of information for Disney date nights, but that’s aimed at Florida residents who live close by, not New Yorkers who have a 2-day road trip or a flight ahead of them. And there’s plenty of content that covers drinking around the World Showcase — and everywhere else in Disney World — but that’s just one element of our trip. There’s also an overabundance of Disney-for-families tips, but we specifically don’t want to do what families with little ones are doing.

After our first three trips together, Mike and I had spent about a month and a half total in Disney World within two years.

Add to that all of the trips we took to Disney parks before we met, and we have an endless number of tips to share.

Since there’s such a gap of information for travelers like us, that’s what we’ll be focusing on here: Walt Disney World tips for adult couples who don’t have kids and who don’t live in Florida, meaning they’re a road trip or flight away from The Most Magical Place on Earth.

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